Battlefield Report: Minnesota Gay Marriage Opponents Obsessed With Hitler And Drag Queens

The battle over marriage equality has been particularly vicious this election season, particularly in Minnesota where an amendment is on the ballot on November 6 that would ban same-sex marriage in the state. Those against gay marriage have adopted the role of victim, claiming their rights are at risk should everyone be treated equally.

The latest flack comes courtesy of Pastor Brad Brandon. Brandon is the pastoral outreach director for Minnesota for Marriage, which is supporting the ban. The pastor recently compared the techniques being used by gay marriage advocates to those of Hitler.

KMSP-TV reports:

Brandon seemed to claim that critics of gay marriage would be silenced, saying, “[Hitler] removed their voices in the public square and removed their control of their own businesses. So, he stopped Jewish people from speaking out in public and he silenced them.”

Minnesota for Marriage is standing by Brandon’s beliefs, though not necessarily his phrasing.

“He’s apologized and he’s apologized on behalf of the campaign,” said a spokeswoman. “His point was absolutely correct; he was just using a poor analogy and an incorrect choice of words to make his religious liberties point. He’s been instructed to no longer compare the loss of religious freedoms to Hitler and Nazi Germany.”

Hoping to provide an umbrella in the resulting shitstorm, MM’s deputy campaign manager Andy Parrish claimed he had an “explosive” video – a “BOMBSHELL,” even – of staff from pro-gay marriage group, Minnesotans United for All Families “gone wild.”

Turns out that bombshell was a sassy drag queen doing what sassy drag queens do best – be sassy. The video wasn’t even taken at a Minnesotans United for All Families event, as Good As You points out.

The sheer amount of vitriol being spewed by the ultra-conservative right undermines not only the severity of a potential ban on gay marriage in Minnesota, but also undermines the intelligence of voters. As Rabbi Marci Zimmermann told KMSP-TV, “Once you use something such as Hitler and the Holocaust, you end any kind of civil discourse.”

The latest polls show Minnesotans pretty evenly divided over the amendment with 46% in favor of banning gay marriage and 49% opposed. November 6 is quickly appraching but there’s till time to sway opinion in either direction. You can contribute to the effort to stop a ban on gay marriage in Minnesota by donating to Minnesotans United for All Families here.

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