Battleship Not Quite Sunk


We at Queerty love to see politicians work out a good compromise, after all, that sort of is the whole idea behind democracy, and San Francisco politicians may just work out a doosey. Basically, a retired battleship, The Iowa was to be moved to San Francisco Bay as a permanent tourist attraction until the city council voted 8-3 against it.

Some opponents said they were taking a stand against both the war in Iraq and a military that boots out gays and lesbians, a powerful faction in local politics.

A stretch maybe, but a valid point. But now, advocates for the battleship have proposed to build next to the ship a museum centered around minorities in the armed forces, with a focus on gays and lesbians who have helped maintain America’s freedom.

“Our feeling was that this would make it a better fit for San Francisco,” said Jim Maloney, director of the Military Education Initiative, a group that supports the lifting of restrictions on gays in the military. “Adding in the component of LGBT service would be obviously quite unique,” he said.

We’ll keep you updated on how it goes, but where it stands (or floats) now, we think a museum dedicated to minorities in the military is about a good an idea as any. Do ask, Do tell.

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