All Your Questions About Crossdressing Living Dolls Get Answered

secrets of the living dollsNo doubt you have lots of questions about “maskers,” that is, men who dress up in real-doll-like outfits that resemble an uncanny near-human creature.

These gentlemen (and possibly women?) all have their own reasons for slipping into an unsettling full-body female costume and admiring themselves. Oh, sure, like you don’t have one or two unusual habits?

Secrets of the Living Dolls is the thrilling title of the documentary. You can watch the entire thing here, until YouTube gets the inevitable takedown notice. Sadly, the official site is available only to residents of England, which is really making us regret that whole Revolutionary War thing.

There’s plenty to be startled by here, but here are two things that really knocked our socks off the most:

  • The outfits are surprisingly elaborate! These are not your run of the mill cross-dressers.
  • Appearing as yourself in a documentary like this takes more nerve than anyone we have ever met, ever in our lives.

A helpful tip that we learned from watching: you’ll need use plenty of powder to slip into the outfit, so prep yourself over a tub to avoid making a mess. Good to know!

It’s surely very tempting to look down on these folks, but hey, we’re just glad they’re doing something that makes them happy. Frankly, we have a far lower opinion of people who type “google” into Google in order to get to Google than we do of the subjects of this documentary.

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  • jimbryant

    Cross-dressing is a fetish. To elevate it to the level of homosexuality is absurd and an insult to homosexuality.

  • RayJacksonMs

    Could we not lump every sexual fetish and identity crisis that comes along in with gays?

  • RayJacksonMs

    Oh and if you are going to be promoting documentaries on here, how about you look into the two on the Upstairs Lounge fire and see if they are worth recommending? And while I’m complaining how about you profile some gay local grassroots equality workers before we see anything else on Ben Cohen? He’s great and all but there are a lot of GLBTs around the country working hard to make things happen locally and nationally and no gay news outlet talks about them, because none of the writers want to fuck them.

  • QJ201

    Non gay hetero cross dressers. Fucking things up for gay men and trans women since forever.

  • Dxley


  • ParkerSparks

    @RayJacksonMs: I don’t remember any of the documentaries being offered here, but Queerty has had several articles on this horrific event. The last one was this summer on the 40th anniversary. I have a close friend whose uncle died in the fire.

  • KittyLitter

    I watched it when it first aired. So many unanswered questions….

  • AuntieChrist

    @Deepdow: Oh goody and your the exception. So you don’t use grindr or judge people you don’t even know…And from your record of comments on this blog you’re a regular Aristotle…BTW… (that was sarcasm.)

  • Bee Gaga

    @Deepdow: No that’s not the Boomer generation, that’s gays (generally speaking of course) period. I’m barely 19 years old and everything @AuntieChrist: said about gays in the 1970s definitely applies today the ones here in 2010s was completely true in my experiences with gay men (in general) especially.

  • Teleny

    @QJ201: I don’t mind the ones who respect and support the community. It’s the ones who profess their fetish and then immediately shout ‘but I’m not gay!’ (Although in the long run its a bonus for the family).

  • jeffinsydney

    @Deepdow: You know? The only fair thing about getting older? It happens to everyone.
    Hopefully you can get there with out feeling the age discrimination and phobias that younger people have a hard time keeping to them selves.
    OH YEAH! And be sure you keep your job beyond 40.
    If you find yourself out of work you will find lashings of ageist situations beyond anything your tiny little mind can comprehend.

  • jimbryant

    I cannot stand men who have a fetish for make-up and then somehow try to lump themselves in with the gay rights cause. Puh-lease, just go away.

  • Dixie Rect

    What does this have to do with Gay/Lesbian issues? Nothing. Why does this community have to take on and support every fetish and whacked out nutcase? This type of ridiculousness sets the movement back 50 years.

  • AuntieChrist

    @Deepdow: And there is that sparkling repartee that we have all come to know and loath, I mean love…No it’s really loath..So who are you wearing, Gucci,Pucci,Fiorucci,or are you an off the rack hipster wannabe..?..I concede that on an individual basis your are correct but as a whole nothing has changed except the technology for hooking up…If you disagree then cancel your grindr account LOL

  • Dixie Rect

    Will we be letting the Bronies in the G&L group too? If you don’t know, Bronies are adult men that sexualize ‘my little pony’ cartoons and JO to pics of them. If we are going to include all, then we should include them, right?

    The line has to be drawn someplace, and as I have said, its G & L and all the rest are on their own.

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