All Your Questions About Crossdressing Living Dolls Get Answered

secrets of the living dollsNo doubt you have lots of questions about “maskers,” that is, men who dress up in real-doll-like outfits that resemble an uncanny near-human creature.

These gentlemen (and possibly women?) all have their own reasons for slipping into an unsettling full-body female costume and admiring themselves. Oh, sure, like you don’t have one or two unusual habits?

Secrets of the Living Dolls is the thrilling title of the documentary. You can watch the entire thing here, until YouTube gets the inevitable takedown notice. Sadly, the official site is available only to residents of England, which is really making us regret that whole Revolutionary War thing.

There’s plenty to be startled by here, but here are two things that really knocked our socks off the most:

  • The outfits are surprisingly elaborate! These are not your run of the mill cross-dressers.
  • Appearing as yourself in a documentary like this takes more nerve than anyone we have ever met, ever in our lives.

A helpful tip that we learned from watching: you’ll need use plenty of powder to slip into the outfit, so prep yourself over a tub to avoid making a mess. Good to know!

It’s surely very tempting to look down on these folks, but hey, we’re just glad they’re doing something that makes them happy. Frankly, we have a far lower opinion of people who type “google” into Google in order to get to Google than we do of the subjects of this documentary.