Be Afraid.

“…Alaska Governor Sarah Palin had “bonded” church and state, spending more than $13,000 dollars in state money to attend religious events and meetings with Christian pastors since Palin took office in 2006. During that period, Sarah Palin was listed, and still is, as being on the advisory board of a publicly supported Christian nonprofit which states on its tax records its mission is evangelizing and runs “Religion related – spiritual development” suicide prevention programs in Alaskan public schools.” The group also thinks there will be an army of super-powered Christian teens who will cleanse the world of evil, which no doubt includes the gays. [HuffPo]

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  • fredo777

    That story is certainly not much ado about nothing.

    Obama/Biden ’08

  • michael

    She’s so low class rent. What has happened to America that a piece of trash like her could get this close to the presidency. I so hope Obama get president because at least he and his lovely wife will bring back some grace and elegance to the White House. I am not talking about the kind of elegance like dignity, respect and class, mixed with a huge dose of compassion and awareness and empathy. I know that Obama is not perfect and I know that we gays wish we were getting more from him, but maybe we eventually will. In the meantime maybe we can restore some dignity to the office of president.

  • michael

    Oh my, my post is full of typos and mistakes. I must remember to stop posting before I have had my 2nd cup of coffee. Sorry, but I think my message is still understood.

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