Be Careful in those British Countryside B&B’s

Faulty Towers

A London gay couple experienced what a British judge has called ‘elements of Fawlty Towers’ when they stayed in a UK B&B. The couple was told they had to sleep in twin beds, then they were locked out of their room, then the owner threatened them with a handgun-like beer tap.

Discovering that the pair had booked a room with a double bed, he suggested that a twin room would be more appropriate. Living in a small village, he feared that locals would disapprove or “take the mickey” if he was found to have allowed two men to share the same bed

They returned after midnight and found that they had been locked out. No amount of knocking raised either Mr Bush or his staff and they were forced to stay with a cousin of Mr Smith, who lived nearby.
Upset by their treatment, they returned to the White Hart the following morning to remonstrate with Mr Bush.

They turned around and saw him holding what Mr Ruiz described as a handgun. He told the court: “I was very, very shocked, extremely frightened and stunned, because I thought Mr Bush was going to shoot us.”

It’s nice to know the British judge recognized the ridiculousness of the whole situation. Though the man eventually got off, for firearms violations, something tells us this would’ve ended up differently had it occurred in, say, Texas.

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