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Beachfront Property Owner Will Donate Some Land (If He Can Build Fence Blocking View Of Gay Sand Sex)

Did you know all your gay beach sex and nudism is threatening the future of a nature preserve in Victoria, Australia? Here we have local real estate developer Chas Jacobsen who’s been so gracious as to offer a quarter million bucks toward turning part of his property in Mt. Eliza into a reserve for seagulls and grasses and whatnot, but first he wants the town to build a 6-foot-fence around the rest of his property to block any views of gays strolling the beach the nude and hooking up in the brush, which he claims he can see happening from his home. The gays and local towns people and their representatives aren’t so pleased with his proposal, because it turns out they love the idea of guys getting all romantic along the shore.

Mayor Graham Pittock hated the idea, saying he would not blame gay rights activists if they wanted to pull down the proposed fence. He said it was likely the fence would contravene human rights. “We are going to be known as the shire that built the anti-gay fence,” Cr Pittock said. “If they pull the fence down in fury, I can empathise with them.”

But Mr Jacobsen, who agreed to hand over the land to the shire as part of a deal allowing him to realign his boundaries, said there were “love nests” in the bushes and the area was a well-known pick-up place for gay men. Cr Tim Rodgers quipped that beaches were romantic places. “People have rights. It’s a beach,” Cr Rodgers said.

Mr Jacobsen replied: “To have full sex on the beach? They have those rights? I don’t think so.”

Clearly goading Mr Jacobsen, Cr Rodgers said: “Beaches can be very romantic places. I often stroll along the beach holding hands.”

Conveniently, Jacobsen’s plan also calls for an access rode to be closed off to the public, with only city workers and his family able to use it. Which means it’ll soon become another perfect place to cruise.

In the end, counselors approved the 6-foot-high fence for part of the reserve, but shorter one for another section. And there’s talk of security cameras.