Beam Me Up, Scottie, I’m a Homo!

This is proving to be an absolutely fabulous week for celebrities coming out of the damn closet. First we had Sheryl Swoopes, a forward for the Houston Comets basketball team, publicly announcing that she only wants to get slam dunked by another woman. Her coming out was facilitated by a six figure endorsement deal with Olivia lesbian cruises.

Gay George

Now, actor George Takei will be bringing declosetration to the world of science fiction. Famous for playing Mr. Sulu on Star Trek, Takei penned an autobiography To The Stars. Commenting on Amazon’s web site, one reader noted that in the book, Takei made no mention whatsoever of his love life. Wasn’t that reader perspicacious?

Still, as a victim of anti-Japanese prejudice in the United States during the Second World War, Takei has in the past shown himself capable of raising his voice in defense of oppressed minorities. Queerty hopes he will do so in defense of that delightful alphabet soup we call LGBT. If he doesn’t, may a pigeon leave a dropping in his hand print in cement at the Chinese Theater.