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  • Woof

    And why is he getting naked and doing push ups in the snow?

  • hells kitchen guy

    That’s what I’d call a frozen asset.

  • kamasutrajones

    I’ve met him in real life. He’s a complete gentleman and hot as fuck. Wonder if the DVD will have the digitized cock. LOL

  • Jack Jett

    I hate whoever created this digital blur…..

  • Jim

    I love his show. He’s always finding some reason to “strip off”, as he says in that english accent.

  • Ryan

    Who cares if he’s for real or not… he’s got all the right assets to be on t.v.

    Lame pun intended. It’s only a pity no one has the non-covered up versions =p

  • whatev

    He is so funny. I swear to god hes so retarded for getting naked and doing jumping jacks on a glacier. He said his clothes were wet, then he just stripped and later put wet clothes back on.. why?

  • Britney Remington

    I love Bear Grylls! He is hot! And that accent is dreamy! I just want to jump him bones! YUMMY!

  • ethan

    I want to be stuck in the north pole with him so he strips off 4 me and see his cock yum

  • mollie

    If I saw him naked I would suck his cock till he tells me to stop

  • mollie

    i want to see his penis so bad

  • Henry

    Does it matter if he’s a fraud? Half the stuff he does on the show is insane. No other survivor person would do such a thing. Like climbing into a camel, or killing that rabbit from 15 yards away. Or jumping out of a helicopter, probably more than a hundred feet above the water, just to reach an island.

    This guy is the shit. No other survivor show can top Man vs. Wild.


    He’s one hot motherfucker.

  • Jermzy

    It’s funny- the more disgusting/depraved things he does, the more I love him. Who cares if he’s real or fake, what really matters is if he takes his clothes off xD

  • Erasmuss

    Being the youngest man to climb mt Everest AFTER breaking three vertebrae in a jumping accident, I think he gets enough credit to be ‘a fake’. That man is INSANE, and charismatic, and handsome and intelligent, and seems really level and calm and kind.

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