Beard Implants Are Apparently A Trend

tumblr_mk5wqgyMsn1rq6xvjo1_400Looks like we spoke too soon when we called 2013 year of the butt. In the past year the number of men opting for a “beard transplant” has sky rocketed in the UK, according to the Daily Mail.

“Whilst many men may be looking for full fop of facial fuzz,” says alliteration lover Dr. Bessam Farjo, the UK doctor that “pioneered” the first facial hair transplant in 1996, “the majority of patients seeking facial hair transplantation do so to fill gaps and create ‘designer stubble’.”

Farjo claims that he’s seen a “six-fold” increase in these procedures in the past five years. Hair transplant procedures are the most popular form of cosmetic surgery for men in the UK. Over 4,500 procedures were performed last year, 13% more than the year before. To put that in perspective, over 3,000 more men got beard implants than nose jobs in the UK last year.

Across the pond, Esquire is a bit furious of this “treachery.”

“This is an abdication of a rite of passage. When a boy becomes a man, he gets hairier,” argues editor Nate Hopper.  Clearly, he doesn’t know that men have been using fake beards for ages: