Bears Fight For Bathroom Rights

Does a bear shit in the woods? Yes, in fact, they do. Well, they do when they’re human bears who gather at a gay farm in New Zealand. Autumn Farm, which has been around for 12-years, has asked its local council for a retroactive permit to dump “treated” wastewater on its land. And the nitty-gritty ain’t pretty:

The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board raised concerns over the efficiency of composting toilets at the site. A neighboring property owner also raised objections to material that smelled being deposited near their boundary.

[Council member Laurie] Davidson said he believed consent could be granted, but the use of the farm by 50 campers would require an extra toilet and it might be appropriate to require that to be a normal flush toilet connected to a properly designed wastewater system.

Listen, fellas. We know you’re all butch and stuff, but do yourselves a favor and get a proper toilet. Or, at least, did a hole – but make sure you’re 50 yards away from your camp. Don’t want to attract any real bears…