Beau Breedlove Signing Naked Photos of Himself


Quick! Drop everything! Clear your evening schedule! Lucky Portland residents will have a chance to meet former mayoral lover, non-frontal porn model, penis size judge, and “media star” Beau Breedlove as he signs copies of his Unzipped magazine cover. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE THERE!

Special appearance from Portland’s Mayor Sam Adams. OMG J/K!%*()@!!!

[via FFAO]

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  • Jack

    ‘Media Star’?! He slept with someone…and then took off his clothes for a magazine. That’s what passes for a “star” now?!

  • Chris

    The hearts make it special.

  • TANK

    Apparently this WHOAH didn’t take it all off and get a hard on. So who gives a toss? I’ll treasure my copy forever…the one I won’t be buying. I just wonder what I could get on ebay for a signed copy…if it’s a penny above retail value, I will have lost my faith in humanity.

  • Crystal Ball

    Oh stop being so cynical…he’s making the most of his 15 minutes.

  • Jack

    Does this slut have no pride whatsoever? And what douchebag wants a signed copy? Start selling your ass on Manhunt, Beau, you obviously find that your only worth in life is sexual. What a waste.

  • ousslander

    For a site that disdains Breedlove with much vehemence, you do an awful lot of posts about him.

  • john

    Wow!! I know this idiot. He is pathetic. He has nothing going for him but a few fading looks. He dates substantially older men to try to get them to take care of him. He may want to try to figure out how is going to survive once the little amount of looks that he has are gone.

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