Beau Breedlove’s New Gig: Judging Penis Size


Former paramour to Portland’s new mayor. Naked Unzipped coverboy. And now Beau Breedlove has a new job prospect: Penis size judge.

In a publicity stunt we hope finds its way to YouTube, Breedlove agreed to judge a competition where contestants stacked donuts on their penis — the winner, as these things go, was chosen by the guy who could stack the most on his enormous wang.

“Cockfest” is an annual publicity stunt for Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts, and given Breedlove is the biggest gay celebrity in town, it’s only fitting he’d be asked to take part. He helped anoint the winner, who went home with $400 for stacking three doughnuts on his member, reports Willamette Weekly.

And with all this Brent Corrigan-Michael Lucas fighting, Breedlove is proving a welcome reprieve when it comes to the all important pop culture category of “men who take their clothes in front of a camera off for cash.” Though it’s unclear whether, like his Unzipped cover, Breedlove was paid anything this time around.

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  • 33mhz

    lol. I love it. I think the people trying to kick Sam Adams out should quit; Beau Breedlove’s mere existence and nascent career is a sufficient public shaming, and would lose most of its entertainment value if Sam were out of office.

  • jason

    I think he looks great in Speedo’s. Highly recommended for lean bodies.

  • ousslander

    He’s doing what every reality/z-list star does. If queerty was riding Sam Adams jock, you would be giving Breedlove one hell of a write up.
    Let him make some dollars before his fifteen minutes are up.

  • dgz

    what a sleazeball.

  • Jamie

    3 doughnuts? That’s it? Poor Portland! ;)

  • John

    the doughnuts used are more than 3 inches thick, so we’re talking about 10″ won the contest. Nice to look at, too much work though, some of us don’t have the trunk space for a car that size.

  • theworld

    The winner’s parents must be thrilled and proud!!

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)



    Y’know whats real funny?

    The same people who are ready to accuse Sam of some sort of predatory rape with a middle class upstart kid (17) in politics, are the same vilifying Brett Corrigan for doing no condom porn at the age of 17, a run away and with serious issues…

    Howzabout that?

  • Z reveals

    He is not even cute!!

  • alan brickman

    just bend him over already….

  • kaybee

    beau…your ten seconds of fame are up. you are an idiot.

  • marius


    3 bundt cakes – that might pique my interest.

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