Beautiful Women Blind Our Gay Ways

We Queertians may dig dudes, but we’re all about beautiful women. Yes, women – not girls, not chicks, not babes. Women. Our colleague Cord Jefferson explains:

The problem with the term “beautiful girl” is that girls are rarely, if ever, beautiful. Girls are pretty and girls are cute — and that’s fine because there’s a time and place for cute (the age 16 and prom, respectively) — but they’re not beautiful. Women are beautiful. Women are sexy.

Now, prepare yourself for some of the most beautiful, sexy, vagina-possessing specimens this side of Uranus…


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  • Portrait of Doriana Grey

    Most of them are aged girls

  • Rob Moore

    Even within the world of gay men, we deal with the stereotypes. Most of us don’t give a good goddamn about women all dolled up in makeup and dresses. We couldn’t tell you what couture means without looking it up in the big, gay dictionary. If I saw David Beckham and what’s her name Spice all dressed up in the latest fashions for women, I would be aware she was there, but I would admire David Beckham. Same thing would go for Tom Brady and Gizzard something or other.

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