Because Every Straight Girl Has Fallen In Love With a Gay Guy at Least Once


Asking a straight girl if she’s ever had a crush on a gay friend is like a Starbucks barista asking me whether I’d like a white chocolate mocha frap for free because he screwed up someone else’s order: The answer is always “yes.” But Glamour‘s question posed to readers isn’t what’s interesting — it’s their responses. Our favorites:

• I’ve been in love with my best friend, who’s gay, for the past 2 years. I’ll never forget the moment I met him, the way he looked, his smile. I knew right then two things: 1. that I would love him forever and 2. that he was gay. It sucks.

• I’m still holding out hope that my ridiculously handsome gay friend will tell me it was all an elaborate joke and that’s actually straight. I’ll always have a little crush on him, but sadly, it will never be. In high school, I had a huge crush on a guy who turned out to be gay. My aunt reassured me it could be a lot worse – she found out her boyfriend was gay when he started making out with another guy when they went to a concert. Ouch.

• I’m pretty sure one of my boyfriend’s from highschool was gay, and he just didn’t know it yet. Does that count?

• Never had the hots for a gay guy, but . . . my best friend is married to one. Last summer my husband and I house sat for our best friends. While we were there, my husband got on their computer–something we do all the time at their house. By accident he came across this massive collection of gay porn. I did some investigating of my own and now know that he’s been cheating on her for years–with men. What should I do? I feel like it’s not my place to “out” her husband, but then again, wouldn’t you want to know?

• I have a gay boyfriend. I love him. (my real boyfriend is only ever so slightly jealous.)

• I got to try to convert a gay guy once! Not to date him or anything, he just said he would like to try at least once to sleep with a girl, it was fun, funny, and a worth while experience but afterwards he said he’d be sticking to what he knew! He did say my lips were way better than any guys, and boobs were pretty cool!lol! Past that, one of the places that my b.f’s band plays is in a town with a lot of lesbian couples and it’s always fun to watch our guy friends hit on them and wonder why they get rejected!


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  • tsagrednerp

    Story of my life maybe? I think gay guys are super hot…not all mind you but it seems like most.

  • tsagrednerp

    PC – If I weren’t a girl I’d be a gay man…

  • me

    That last one about the lips…I think she made that part up (if not the whole thing.)

  • kevin

    Are you one of those people who thinks it’s perfectly okay to sit at someone’s personal computer without asking, surf the internet, and rummage around personal folders?

    If so, you are AN ASSHOLE!

    And if you are said owner of computer, you are A FOOL for not using your password security.

    There should be a ticket for operating a computer without a brain.

  • dgz

    i think this goes both ways. i have platonic crushes on my amazing girlfriends.

  • Charles J. Mueller


    Yeah, I caught that one too, Kevin.

    the “house-sitters” obviously believe, as do the Mormons and the religious right, that they have a “god-given” right to rummage around in everyone’s life, especially in their bedrooms, for “their own good” because they are, you know, “saving the soul of the sinner” and that makes it ok.

    As for using password security on a computer in one’s own home, you may be correct. However, if I cannot trust whomever I have given my house keys to to not invade the privacy of my computer, then I would also be obliged to lock every closet and every dresser drawer in my home as well, including my liquor cabinet and bar, to make absolutely sure they cannot find my sex toy collection….and use it to publicly humiliate, embarrass or blackmail me with.

    The owner of the home that housed this computer trusted this married friends enough to hand them a key to it. And he may very well have also given them permission to use his personal computer to check their email, Instant Message, or play computer games on it. But “accidentally” coming across a gay porn collection? C’mon. they had to be snooping through folders and documents that they had no business whatsoever to be looking at, mich less opening.

    I have a gay porn collection on my computer too, but you’d have to dig through six sub-folders to find it. And if you are doing that, then you are not “accidentally” going to find it. You had intent to violate my privacy. Where is the respect for another persons home, possessions and privacy? Must everything in it be kept under lock and key including your KY and dildo collection?

    The married house-sitters violated that trust as surely as a burglar breaking into the house and availing himself of personal information such as a wallet, ID, credit cards, SSI card, etc., that could also be very damaging to the owner of them. If these everyday items are not safe in your home or on your person, then where, might I ask, would they be safe? In a vault at your local bank?

    The perpetrator of the injustice waves the discovered dirty laundry he found around, while the victim is forced to “explain” and defend himself, and all in the name of “morality”. I’d find new friends with whom to entrust my house keys, thank you very much.

    It’s a sad commentary that God, morality and self-righteousness ALWAYS get played as the trump card and thus making everyone else the loser.

    My only question is, when are we going to take the stacked deck away from people like this?

  • anyankafan

    i had a female stalker in high school :P like she had a shrine to me on her wall. The seniors in the boarding house we were all in took me off to the side one night after dinner and was like ‘stop stringing her along. she loves u and u haven’t told her ur gay’ and i’m like I TELL HER EVERYDAY!
    was very frustrating :(

  • Saturday Night Special

    isn’t that nice when gay guys have one women in their life that they consider a “stalker.” they remember it forever how that straight women just “didn’t get it” that he did want her. poor unsuspecting “straight girl who wants my bod but i don’t want her.”

    wow queerty, talk about narrowminded.

    it’s really lovely being a lesbian and having aggressive stalker men on every front harrassing your life. taking the subways, going to buy breakfast, walking from the train station to your house, driving in yoru car, going out to dinner, going for drinks, work … everywhere you go, not only are you on display for thousands of men a day who feel at liberty to harrass you like an animal in the serengeti but to add to this loverly dynamic, you aslo have to fear that he is not a psycho who is a murderer or worse a rapist degenerate. so for that one straight girl who may have liked that gay guy back in highschool before you went bald, magnify that by, oh say … 500 thousand.

    not to mention all of the gay clubs where we are come on to by gay men who happen to be very sexually aggressive.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Off topic I know, but I have to say I did a double-take at that thumbnail pic. Am I the only dirty-minded person who thought her leg was actually a giant dildo?
    You don’t quite get the same effect from the full-size pic.

  • Debby

    90% of my friends are gay men. I love each one of them for a different reason but I can’t say I have ever been in love with one of them or hoped they weren’t gay.

    It does so happen that every guy I pick out in a bar that I think is hot, they are ALWAYS gay. That is very frustrating. Can we keep some hot men on my team!? lol

  • Kity

    My best friend is gay and I’m in love with him.
    We are very close and we lost our virginity to each other when I was at one of many sleepovers at his house.

  • GeminiD101

    @strumpetwindsock: tbh it really did look like one but the articles on top. Like wow,I would want to know if my husband was gay and cheating on me…even if it hurt to listen.

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