Because Every Straight Girl Has Fallen In Love With a Gay Guy at Least Once


Asking a straight girl if she’s ever had a crush on a gay friend is like a Starbucks barista asking me whether I’d like a white chocolate mocha frap for free because he screwed up someone else’s order: The answer is always “yes.” But Glamour‘s question posed to readers isn’t what’s interesting — it’s their responses. Our favorites:

• I’ve been in love with my best friend, who’s gay, for the past 2 years. I’ll never forget the moment I met him, the way he looked, his smile. I knew right then two things: 1. that I would love him forever and 2. that he was gay. It sucks.

• I’m still holding out hope that my ridiculously handsome gay friend will tell me it was all an elaborate joke and that’s actually straight. I’ll always have a little crush on him, but sadly, it will never be. In high school, I had a huge crush on a guy who turned out to be gay. My aunt reassured me it could be a lot worse – she found out her boyfriend was gay when he started making out with another guy when they went to a concert. Ouch.

• I’m pretty sure one of my boyfriend’s from highschool was gay, and he just didn’t know it yet. Does that count?

• Never had the hots for a gay guy, but . . . my best friend is married to one. Last summer my husband and I house sat for our best friends. While we were there, my husband got on their computer–something we do all the time at their house. By accident he came across this massive collection of gay porn. I did some investigating of my own and now know that he’s been cheating on her for years–with men. What should I do? I feel like it’s not my place to “out” her husband, but then again, wouldn’t you want to know?

• I have a gay boyfriend. I love him. (my real boyfriend is only ever so slightly jealous.)

• I got to try to convert a gay guy once! Not to date him or anything, he just said he would like to try at least once to sleep with a girl, it was fun, funny, and a worth while experience but afterwards he said he’d be sticking to what he knew! He did say my lips were way better than any guys, and boobs were pretty cool!lol! Past that, one of the places that my b.f’s band plays is in a town with a lot of lesbian couples and it’s always fun to watch our guy friends hit on them and wonder why they get rejected!