Because of DADT, Two Gay-Bashed Soldiers Can’t Safely Report Their Attack

Early Saturday morning two gay Fort Carson soldiers left a gay bar with a go-go boy still dressed in his outfit to go and get some fast food at Albert’s Tacos. While they were there, a group of men started harassing them and then jumped them outside of the Colorado Springs restaurant while shouting racist and anti-gay slurs. One soldier got kicked so badly that he ended up with six bruised ribs and his right eye swollen shut from injury. The other had a facial fracture that required his jaw to be wired shut. Here’s the real kicker though—because the soldiers are gay, they don’t want to give their name to the press, lest the US military discharge them under DADT. Will they cooperate with investigators who will need confirmation of their sexuality to report a hate crime?

Scott Wooledge from Pam’s House Blend adds, “This is why DADT has been a shameful failure from day one. Our men and women who serve are at increased risk and can expect no help from the chain of command, only to be victimized further by their own at times of crisis.”