Because Of Prop 8, Ed Watson Literally Died Waiting To Marry His Partner Of 40 Years

Bust out your Kleenex for the sad tale of Derence Kernek and Ed Watson, an elederly California couple who wanted to have a legal marriage ceremony before Watson’s rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s disease wiped out his ability to remember the service, the commitments and their 40 years together. Yesterday, Mr. Watson died at the age of 78, and thanks to Prop 8, he passed away still waiting for a chance to marry the man he loved.

Being denied the chance to marry the person you love adds insult to the already hard experience of being an elderly LGBT person. Make no mistake, Ed Watson was not the only older gay person still waiting for a little dignity and love in his golden years. Many like him exist, and many like him will pass before they get a chance to wed the one they care for most.