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Because You Really Want to Hear From George W. Bush On World AIDS Day

Considered by many (read: leftists!) to be the only part of his legacy worth trumpeting, AIDS in Africa is George W. Bush’s pet topic in the Washington Post, a newspaper dedicated to letting right-wing radicals print revisionist history and hate sympathy. The best part of the piece is the footnote: “The writer was the 43rd president of the United States.” In case you did something stupid and confused him for the 40th president of the United States.[WaPo]

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  • gregger

    I’ll give him that, just that. Still by authorizing water-boarding he is guilty of war crimes (see the US tries Japanese officers for water-boarding POW’s in WW2).

  • TripleB

    He and Laura have done enormously good work regarding AIDS in Africa. You can still hate him if you want, but let’s be honest and give him credit for that.

  • Riker

    Bush funnelled more money to AIDS research than any other President (including Obama, so far). His work has helped save millions of lives, not just in Africa but in our own country too.

    Like it or not (and believe me, its a tough pill to swallow), George W. Bush has done more for the gay community than any other US President in history.

  • Kev C

    Funnelled is the correct term. Those $15 billion dollars attracted swindlers, corrupt officials, bogus groups, healthcare fat-cats, and religious conservatives like flies on sh-t.

    Fighting AIDS in Africa profited religious groups who tought abstinence, fidelity, and refusing prostitution and homosexuality. We can thank Bush for Uganda.

  • TripleB

    And work targetting AIDS in Africa doesn’t mean a gay-friendly stance, necessarily, since over there it’s a “straight people disease.”

  • John

    @Kev C: Name a government-funded program that doesn’t attract “swindlers, corrupt officials, bogus groups, healthcare fat-cats, and religious conservatives [as well as irreligious liberals or whatever the heck the opposite is] like flies on sh-t”. This is par for the course when it comes to government. Ugandan fanatics combined with a segment of American evangelicals, some horribly naive while others deliberately provocative, are responsible for the anti-gay atmosphere in Uganda. Bush is not. The fact remains that the Catholic Church ran more AIDS-groups in Africa before Bush sent funds and I’m willing to bet this remains true today. Criticize the man for what he really screwed up on without inventing crap.

  • CJ

    As with every president, there is good and bad. Both Bush and Obama disappointed us greatly. And, we each can state numerous reasons for such an assessment. But, at the same time, there are many things that each has done that has benefited this country. I’m thankful that Bush (and Kennedy) attempted to address our failing schools. Did it work perfectly? No. But, they attempted to address a serious problem in a bipartisan way. Bush was also a fearless leader, even though I disagree with many of his decisions, especially some decisions after 9/11. Obama, on the other hand, lacks leadership skills in many regards. But, he’s also attempted to address healthcare and LGBT issues. Have either been stellar successes? No. But, he’s attempted to make changes that we need. Bottom line, I’m thankful to Bush and Obama for some things – and am discouraged about other things. I could say the same about Reagan, Bush senior and Reagan. I won’t throw the baby out with the bathwater like most people. I want to see both sides. I guess that as an independent that’s where I find myself in politics.

  • tjr101

    So he funneled billions to fighting AIDS in Africa albeit in misguided abstinence only programs.

  • gregger

    @CJ: oh CJ, actually GW Bush mucked up most education systems when “Every Child Left Behind” was foisted on the states as an unfunded mandate. Now instead of learning about a subject, every teacher in a public school that I know is complaining about “teaching to test.” We are not teaching our children how to learn or teaching them critical thinking. We are teaching many children to pass the tests so the teachers and school officials don’t get unfavorable reports on test results.

  • TripleB

    Actually, the majority of George and Laura Bush’s work in Africa has been in advancing the care and treatment of women and children infected with HIV.

  • Geoff M

    I hoped after his 8 years of hell I wouldn’t have to see or hear from him again…now he’s cropping up all the time. (sigh) It’s just not fair!

  • TripleB

    Then you have to get a backbone, Geoff M. That’s life. Now we have to look at Obama’s dishhonest puss all the time, which probably won’t end once he’s out of office. Then we’ll be on to yet another fibber.

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