Beckham Eats Up Gay Love

David Beckham knows you want him – and he loves it!

The soccer dynamo sat down with BBC Radio 2 this week and said he’s honored to be a gay icon.

I’m very honored to have the tag of gay icon…Maybe it’s things like (the fact) I like to look after myself, I like to look smart and presentable most of the time.

Trust us, David, it’s less to do with how you dress…

Speaking of dressing, Beckham also shared a special sartorial memory.

I always liked to look good, even when I was a little kid. I was given the option when I was a page boy once of either wearing a suit or wearing knickerbockers and long socks and ballet shoes – and I chose the ballet shoes and knickerbockers. It was a little bit strange at the time and my dad gave me a bit of stick – but I was happy.

And when you’re happy, David Beckham, we’re happy…

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  • ggreen

    Some gay guys have such low self-esteem that they will chase after anything with a penis no matter how repulsive, homophobic or rabidly anti-gay they are. Night Charm had a post recently filled with photos of homophobes and gay bashers it was titled “Top Ten Worst Guys That We’d Fuck Anyway”. How’s that for an unhealthy dose of self-hatred? Beckham and his wife would do or say anything for publicity and their PR Company LOVES empty-headed fags and editors that cant get enough of their phony ways. Eat it up girls stuff yourself with Beckham maybe that will solve some of your Eleanor Rigby problems.

  • Alexa

    Huh? Since when is David Beckham a homophobe?

  • SeaFlood

    BTW, the article ggreen is talking about is here: and a year old. And reading over just the first two entries, I don’t understand how he is relating this to Beckham — who hasn’t been anti-homosexuals or anything like that. His ballet slippers and knickerbocker incident spoke about him — not said that gay folks are “light on their feet” — I don’t get it either, Alexa.

  • hells kitchen guy

    Beckham is and always has been profoundly homofriendly, as this blog is citing. Why is ggreen hating on the guy?

  • ggreen

    I don’t hate Bekham (I don’t know him personally, do the worshipping editors here?) and I haven’t called him a homophobe. I just don’t suffer fools that worship him.

  • Jack Jett

    I think if David Beckham really loved me, he would call and ask for a date.

  • Croydonian

    Beckham has never published or behaved in a homophobic way. He looks good and has done well in life.

    I might understand ggreen when s/he says: “… no matter how repulsive, homophobic or rabidly anti-gay they are.” if the tag were attached to an image of a homophobe. Attaching it to Becks is either confused or malicious.

    Beckham is a good guy who looks good in undies. You should take a pill or avoid looking if you don’t like the image.

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