Beckham Eats Up Gay Love

David Beckham knows you want him – and he loves it!

The soccer dynamo sat down with BBC Radio 2 this week and said he’s honored to be a gay icon.

I’m very honored to have the tag of gay icon…Maybe it’s things like (the fact) I like to look after myself, I like to look smart and presentable most of the time.

Trust us, David, it’s less to do with how you dress…

Speaking of dressing, Beckham also shared a special sartorial memory.

I always liked to look good, even when I was a little kid. I was given the option when I was a page boy once of either wearing a suit or wearing knickerbockers and long socks and ballet shoes – and I chose the ballet shoes and knickerbockers. It was a little bit strange at the time and my dad gave me a bit of stick – but I was happy.

And when you’re happy, David Beckham, we’re happy…