Anti-Gay Charges Just A Marketing Tool

Becks Says Le Saux Blowing Smoke

Former footballer Graeme Le Saux’s new book alleges that David Beckham and others taunted for the straight Le Saux being light in the loafers. Becks, however, says Le Saux’s a liar.

Via The Daily Star:

In his autobiography, Graeme Le Saux: Left Field, he claims Beckham reacted angrily after he cut his head. Le Saux said: “I caught him with an elbow, genuinely not maliciously, and because he had a shaved head at the time it split open, lots of blood, very dramatic. He thought I had done it on purpose and his immediate reaction was to say, ‘you f**king poof’ or ‘you bloody poof’. We were England team-mates. I didn’t expect that.

I know David isn’t homophobic and the last thing I’d want is for him to think this is an accusation. It is just the way it was.”

Last night, a spokesman for Beckham said: “This allegation is completely untrue. David would never say such a thing.

“It’s been seven years since this match that Graeme refers to and he has never mentioned this to David personally or publicly. Given that they have known each other for many years after the event, it’s highly surprising to discover that this matter has now been raised but never before.

While we appreciate Graeme has a book to sell, we refute these assertions completely.”