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Bedding the Cast & Creatives of Husbands, A New Marriage-Equality Sitcom

What would happen if Will and Grace had a baby with Mad About You, and Dr. Horrible was their surrogate? You’d have Husbands, a brand new marriage-equality online sitcom premiering  this fall.

The premise is what is known, in technical Hollywood terms, as “pure sitcom gold“: a couple marries on impulse, has second thoughts but gives it a try anyway. There’s a cute dog involved, wackiness ensues, etc. But there’s a twist: The couple is actually two gay celebrities—and they’re motivated to try to make it work because they don’t want to be the world’s first big high-profile gay divorce. (And also, maybe they’ve discovered they’re just a teesny bit in love?)

MarriageNewsWatch.com visited the set of Husbands for a chat with executive producer Jane Espenson (Buffy, Battlestar Galactica) and actors Brad “Cheeks” Bell, and Sean Hemeon (True Blood) about the web series.  Check out the video above to find out how the show almost bought a ring without even having a husband to put it on—and what role Joss Whedon played a role in bringing the series to life.

And head over to HusbandsTheSeries.com for the September 13 premiere!