Sweet stuff

Bee lands on Pete Buttigieg and his – and husband’s – response is perfect

Photo: Twitter

Democratic Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg had to deal with an unexpected distraction whilst on the campaign trail yesterday.

‘Mayor Pete’ was in Elkader, Iowa, for a town hall event. Whilst answering a question on healthcare from the audience, he noticed a bee land on his tie. And it didn’t want to budge.

“Well that’s an unexpected visitor,” he said before quipping, “I guess I’m just that sweet.”

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Whereas some people freak out around wasps and bees, Buttigieg remained calm but determined to remove the insect.

When gently flicking his tie didn’t work, he slowly worked to remove it and hand it to someone who could take the bee outside.

He explained the reason he was wary of leaving it on his tie was, “because I may be the only person you know who actually knows what bee venom tastes like. I bit into a sandwich once that kind of had a visitor like this and now I’m rather cautious around bees.”

The incident has already prompted online memes.

Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten, referenced the incident on Twitter with his own perfect response, simply saying: “Oh honey.”