“Beer Pong Rapist” Sentenced To 150 Years In The Slammer After Taping Himself Molesting Dozens Of Unconscious Men

joey-poindexter-sexual-assault-mogopolice_296A Maryland man has been sentenced to 150 years in the slammer after being found guilty of raping five different guys who he met at beer pong tournaments, though prosecutors suspect he may have sexually assaulted more than two dozen others.

40-year-old Joey Poindexter (pictured) has been nicknamed the “Beer Pong Rapist” after being convicted of 11 counts of second- and third-degree sex offenses. He was sentenced to a century and a half in prison on Wednesday in a Montgomery County Circuit Court.

“He hunted human beings,” prosector John McCarthy told the court. “He knew what he was about. He did it in serial fashion for years.”

According to prosectors, Pointdexter “preyed on young men” at beer pong tournaments, getting them drunk, then drugging them and ultimately taping himself as he sexually assaulted them.

Police first learned about scheme after one of the victims reported the attack. He agreed to wear a wire and confront Pointdexter about it. During their conversation, Poindexter told the young man, “If it makes you feel any better, I don’t have any fucking AIDS.”

After searching his home, police found photos and videos of at least 30 sexual assault victims and “thousands” of explicit images on Pointdexter’s hard drive. So far, they have only been able to identify five of the victims. Of those five, the majority of them didn’t even know they had been assaulted until police showed them the evidence.

Pointdexter’s attorney says law enforcement officials “cheated” in their investigation, claiming that had they not shown the men the photos, they never would have pressed charges. He also says his client plans on appealing the 150 year sentence.

“Those victims,” the lawyer said, “are going to have to testify again.”

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