Before He Married His Wife, This Groom Cuddled Hard With His Best Man

Professional wedding photos are fine — the happy couple, the dressy looks, the glimmer of hope that binding yourself to another person will bring you a lifetime of happiness and stop all those existential thoughts about death you’ve been having — they’re a perfectly functional way to mark the occasion.

But for one recent groom, John, capturing the love he had for his bride-to-be just wasn’t enough. The equation would have left out someone very important — his best man.

So he organized a special photoshoot with just the two of them (he did one with his bride too, of course), and the result is one of the cutest darn bromances we’ve ever seen.

“I think my wife knows that he comes as part of the package,” John said.

h/t Distractify

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  • Kevin J Desmond

    Guess he wanted his last desert ?

  • Christopher Malcovish

    what a stupid stunt for publicity… what are you trying to prove?

  • Scott Albert Bennett

    Unless this actually has something to do with their relationship other than a close friendship: SO WHAT? :p

  • Captain Obvious

    Oh hell naw. I can’t. All these “straight” guys seem to be taking this “secure in my sexuality” thing way too far. Girlfriend better prepare herself, they look like they’re ready to pick out bath towels together.

    If my sister was gonna marry a guy who took photos like this I’d have to step in… done it once before already.

    Every photo gets more and more intimate like he had all this crap planned in his head. The plot thickens each time. No ma’am.

  • Kenneth White Jnr

    The normality of exclusive non monogamy and Polyamory are only a few photographs and reality television shows away from becoming common sense this is just one more slip into the continuum that already exists and people are either afraid or nonknowledgeable to discuss/discern.

  • Milton Appleby

    Good for them. We need more men to show they are not ashamed of being affectionate without the insinuation of sex with another man. Men can love each other.

  • Glücklich

    Maybe the best man’s gay and the shoot’s a big goof? I dunno. A man with a copy of House and Garden is suspect.

    On its face it’s a little lame but whatever makes ’em happy.

  • Randy Judd

    Good. Growing up in Liberia, it was common to be affectionate with your best friend, hand holding, arms around each other.

  • Shaun Throop

    These are awesome!!

  • Xzamilio

    So I’m guessing the blond one is the top…

  • Healing Spirit

    A couple of my good male friends cuddled in front of me. ❤❤❤

  • Anthony H

    Sounds like something that would happen to me

  • Sweetie Pie

    Whwn I was 22 I was dating a girl..and ended up cuddling with her dad…no biggie

  • Timothy Flitton

    Kaylan Utterback they are bro Taylan

  • Andrew Button

    Excellent because it’s friends

  • ingyaom

    This doesn’t look like a photoshoot of what these guys normally do together as friends, but instead a joke about two straight “bros” pretending to be “gay”, so I don’t find it funny.

  • tdh1980

    Call me cynical, but this just screams internet attention-whoring.

  • Chris

    Who’s the groom and who’s the best man? They’re best friends, I get it. And as long as the bride’s okay with a three-some, who am I to judge?

  • Nick Meissner

    Lets make the world think were sluts, great job

  • Chris Livergood

    Greg Marshall & Kade Hebert ????

  • brparkrunner

    Husband and I had a very comfortable king sized bed with lots of pillows and a fluffy comforter. It wasn’t unusual to find my elderly father in law and teen nephews sleeping with us, most likely because our room also had a fireplace and the only TV in the house. My uptight Repub. brother in law was scandalized at first, but learned to accept it. Funny thing, I also had a Muslim brother in law that found it amusing and told us men sleeping together was not unusual in Egypt.
    So there’s that, my insignificant contribution.

  • Saps48

    @Kenneth White Jnr: It’s a slippery slope, especially when well-lubed…!

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    That is cute, I like it – more men should cuddle – We need to throw off this “working man” “real men don’t cry” BS from the 1950s and move on already – Good friends, gay or straight, should be more affectionate towards each other.

  • Atomicrob

    They’re clearly acting out . . . Dumb, unless this is is lame way of declaring his bisexuality.

  • Steve

    Too cool love it

  • J.T.

    Very distasteful. They make a mockery of true love between men. To them, it’s a hip game to laugh about.

  • alphacentauri

    WTF there’s no way this guy is “straight”. I wonder why his “wife” even married him if this actually happened?

  • potus8

    Omg, no wonder we cannot say a word these days: Look at the offense and the dissecting these cute pics have caused! Everyone take a breath. This is so lighthearted and the guys are obviously besties and having a laugh before the Grooms wedding….to a WOMAN! Just enjoy and laugh. There isn’t a subliminal message or Republican conspiracy here. More cuteness Queerty!!

  • Nate Martinez

    I mean it’s man-sandwich Monday…makes sense to me

  • enlightenone

    @alphacentauri: “…I wonder why his “wife” even married him if this actually happened?”

    Not much of a stretch when there are females who marry serial killers and child molesters and pedophiles!

  • sportsguy1983

    Stupid attempt at at grabbing attention. All the pics are ok, except the cuddling in bed pics

  • Bellamy

    I don’t see what the problem is with all of the jaded, grumpy party poppers here. Gay guys are always hanging all over their fruit flies (gal pals) and feigning sex play, and it is only meant in fun; so why can’t two straight guys clown around for fun. Some of you people project too much of your personal fantasies on other people. Stop judging everyone else LEST YOU BE JUDGED.

  • mbfmark

    Frankly, I’m just floored by how many negative, cynical, bitter and jealous comments are posted about this “bromance” photo shoot. Is the gay community really this much of a downer nowadays? Are so many guys just too jaded to relax and allow some joy in life? Two guys, straight or mostly straight, having a cute and clever photo shoot to celebrate that their close friendship doesn’t end just because one is getting married – sounds like a wonderful thing to me! If we can’t celebrate when people who are not gay find some playful (and pretty accepting I might add) moments to enjoy which also affirm they seem OK with the fact that two guys can have a special bond, then we are no better than the radical right who tries to demonize and marginalize everything that comes with being who WE are. Lighten up, guys. I’m about to turn 60 so I vividly remember when “gay” was still something to hide from the mainstream of society and the idea that two men could legally marry seemed an idea, that if possible, was a century in the future. We have come SO FAR in just four decades, guys, don’t poison all that hard work with cynicism and reverse bigotry!

  • Captain Obvious

    @alphacentauri: Exactly lol, but prepare to be vilified by the lonely guys posting on this site who got a boner from these pics.

    These are by far the types of guys who end up leaving their wife for some guy. Finding an excuse to grind your pickle into your “best man’s” butt and calling it a “photoshoot” screams sexually repressed feelings.

    You can express your brofeels for your friend without going over the top and making it gay because our sexuality is so highlarious.

    If I hadn’t had one of my sister’s ex-boyfriends hit on me in her face and eventually get dumped by her when she realized he was trying to sleep with both of us maybe I wouldn’t care enough to post on this crap. But since that happened I just call it out whenever I see it. Closeted guys are a trip and so are the desperate gays who think it’s ok to drag a woman along for the ride.

    There may not be an actual gay agenda but some guys certainly do have an agenda of hoping straight guys will cheat on their spouses with them and keep acting like antics like this are cute. I don’t need straight guys to pretend to be gay or get overly affectionate on our behalf… which these photos seem more like mockery and sexual repression like any Republican rather than something for us anyway.

    Tacky and tasteless. The wife, either mother, or at least one of her girlfriends should’ve said something. I’m guessing neither guy said anything until after it was done as a “surprise” or “joke”.

  • enlightenone

    @mbfmark: “…Frankly, I’m just floored by how many negative, cynical, bitter and jealous comments are posted about this “bromance” photo shoot…”

    Put IT back in your pants and see “Captain Obvious” comment above!

  • Brian

    Men often form very close bonds with other men that are based on physical closeness. It often makes women jealous because women want men to be totally dependent on women for their happiness.

    It’s gratifying that the man’s wife has accepted her future husband’s bromance. Not many women do.

  • Blackceo

    I find this so adorable. However, call me skeptical but I just don’t believe most of these types of bromances don’t involve a random blowjob or handjob every now and then. Every “straight” guy who tried to be bromancy with me at the level depicted in this article tried to use me for their confused sexuality, which by the way is fine. We’d be spooning and they would get hard or they would be rubbing their hands on my goodie snacks or asking for a BJ, or trying to kiss. It ALWAYS led to something over the line. So I don’t know. Maybe these two are the rare ones who can be that physical without hanky panky going on, but if I was the wife I’d be looking at them with some side eye. They are still adorable tho.

  • scotty

    This is me not giving a flying fuck

  • Captain Obvious

    @Blackceo: They can be way more adorable by admitting the truth or not being all up on each other. He can go get up on his wife. These two are suspect as hell. I’m sure if the wife isn’t giving side eye her friends are giving her side eye.

  • surreal33

    At least he not lying about his inner most feelings.

  • spiffy

    I’m OK with most of the photos; but I take a slight issue with the “Mr. & Mr.” decoration — those kinds of proclamations are usually reserved for guys who are actually getting married to each other. The hand on butt pic also seems a bit too intimate for just a bromance…

    Bonus snark: Tribal tats? Clip-on suspenders with a suit? #basic

  • Evji108

    Fun pictures, but I’m confused. And I’m sure the families involved are too. How is one expected to interpret this series of photos? What is the point?

  • martinbakman

    The internet is forever,
    even more so than that ginormous tattoo.

  • Captain Obvious

    This whole thing would’ve been a lot less weird if he had included all of his male friends and they were just kinda hanging out. Even if they were in a puppy pile all in their boxers it wouldn’t have made me suspect like this ish does.

    Two “bestfriends” spooning in bed nearly naked, picking out “Mr and Mr” stuff, and going overboard with “fake” couples photos is just way too suspect. For some reason I also thought the blond guy was the one with the wife and the other guy was like his gay bestfriend or something. Go figure the other guy got married.

    I would feel bad for the wife but she seems ok with her man all up on another man who he calls a package deal. Just hope she doesn’t get left with 2 or 3 kids and a tear stained letter when he decides to cut and run with his BFF who he allowed to rub his sausage all over his crack on their wedding day nearly nude.

    If that was my wedding day and my husband pulled some ish like this I’d be in the back of a squad car covered in the other guy’s blood and saliva. Call me Bridezilla. I don’t share.

  • Transiteer

    I don’t think you need the bride . . . .

  • clara21


  • moldisdelicious

    Sad at how grown ass people are regressing into children simply for attention. Gotta wonder if they got ignored at home by mommy and daddy which is why they feel the need to do stupid things like this simply to be talked about. Quite sure the mental health field will soon be capitalizing on people who are addicted to attention by way of Internet.another mental illness with a pill in.the making.

  • moldisdelicious


    There’s nothing positive about this though. Don’t see why we should celebrate attention whoring. I don’t like the Kardashians or reality TV for the same reasons. All these look at mes wanting to be famous for doing nothing. Hope that people realize that the more folks are giving up their privacy and etc. Once upon a time, folks were scared of Big brother. Now it’s cool to work with him to have your name known for 15 minutes. But folks get mad if they have a stalker or someone is snooping through their phone or getting unauthorized calls through telemarketers.

  • Cam

    All of you people flipping out on here claiming that the wife shouldn’t marry him, you DO realize that before all of this massive homophobic backlash came around, that guys in PE class used to swim naked, would put arms around each other as they were hanging out, would actually hang out and could touch other guys without being worried about being called names.

    The fact that you all responded like this, shows why straight men seem afraid to do that anymore. And just look at the results. Ted Cruz, and Rick Santorum, you just KNOW that they haven’t been touched in a while.

  • denise32

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  • denise32

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  • GayEGO

    @Cam: Who would want to touch Teduchebag Cruz or Rick Sanatarium? Their comments are – Ad nausem.

  • vbnudeguy

    That’s super cute. Glad they have a sense of humor.

  • Captain Obvious

    @Cam: I think you’re confusing a fiction book you’re writing or some dream you had for real life. No one was doing any of that in this century. And these pics are straight up and down over the top gay which if you know anything about psychology at all comes from a very real place they wanted to express with an easy out if they needed to deny it.

    No one would go to all this trouble just to take some pics they could’ve taken for free without all the grinding and butt grabbing. They paid for all of this crap. It looks more intimate than the pics with his wife. Girl, bye.

  • stranded

    I dunno. I find it kind of offensive when straight guys treat male intimacy as a joke. It’s like, “Look how gay we’re acting, isn’t it gross. Ha Ha. Aren’t we hilarious” Obviously this was light hearted and done with no ill will, but the mentality behind the “joke” is what has me curious.

  • Markajv

    If I believed in Jesus I would say
    “Jesus Christ WTF is wrong with the gay community???” I look at this and say 1)Well they were raised correctly 2)They are best friends, do you NOT love your best friend? 3)I don’t see how this is offensive 4)I doubt they planned this to make fun of Gay people. (Have you seen the way “Bro’s act??) etc: The gay community will never be happy at all with anything that anyone does at all. You fought to be treated equally then cry the martyr when a gay prostitute sight gets raided (WTF???) (Kim Davis is a Douche Bag) but you are hypocrites when you don’t allow her,her beliefs when for years you were persecuted for yours… Fucking suck it up and be happy that these two aren’t out killing “Faggots” That would be offensive.

    I am waiting for the day there is a Parade, like say “Saint Patty’s Day” and there are floats with straight people, mostly naked, doing bumps and acting out sex while everyone watches and applauds…because that’s what “Pride” means. Pfffft! Straight people don’t have straight pride parades because being straight is their sexuality and why do you need a parade or “Month” because you are you proud of your sexuality? You should be proud of your accomplishments, your relationships, your work ethics, your morals etc not because you suck dick. Since homosexuality is becoming more and more “The Norm” gay people HATE it! Then go back in the closet and stop complaining. It’s embarrassing to a lot us who support their loved ones who are gay and seen what they have to go through without having all the infighting now. What are you? A 12 yr old girl? (How long before the “Go To Words” get thrown my way? (Bitter, Jealous, Jaded) Cliche’ much.

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