Before Killing Himself, Jacob Rogers Left Passwords So Everyone Could Read The Anti-Gay Bullying He Faced


Even though Cheatham County Central High School student Jacob Rogers had faced anti-gay bulling for the last four years, his senior year he began saying, “I don’t want to go back. Everyone is so mean. They call me a faggot, they call me gay, a queer.” He even dropped out of school around Thanksgiving just to get away from his tormentors, but it apparently didn’t end his pain—Rogers killed himself yesterday. However, before he died, he left passwords to his phone and email so investigators could see why he chose to take his own life.

While the details are still coming out, Cheatham County Schools Director Dr. Tim Webb said the school only knew of one bullying incident involving Rogers and that in response, the school spoke to the accused bullies and later checked in with Rogers to make sure he was okay—according to Webb, Rogers said he was doing better.

What’s saddest though is that because Rogers lived with his grandmother, she alone can’t pay for his funeral costs. She’s currently accepting donations at a local tattoo shop just so she can bury her own grandson. Mega sad.

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  • Bob

    I thought the younger generation were more tolerant? It seems to me that this country os going backwards and all do to this religious nonsence spreading like a cancer. If you are not a gay-hating Christian in this country, you are an outcast. We are becoming a third-world joke and we are loosing so many young people. Bullying needs to be addressed in much stronger terms and religion needs to be taken-out of government completely!

  • Henry

    This is a tragic story. Rogers didn’t believe that he would be able to have a life worth living as an adult. Perhaps the problem is deeper than harassment, as bad as that is, and has a connection to the institutionalized sort of life students experience in high school. More than one young mind has wanted its breathing room, its ability to self-determine what it can and can’t do, what it can and can’t think, who it will and won’t see from day to day. Life has a feeling of being disjointed and inorganic when people can’t grow into adults, as our high schoolers can’t. They are forced abruptly into becoming adults when they leave for college or work.

  • bagooka

    I’m sorry to his parents, his grandmother, and all of his friends….

  • slanty

    If he had been able to talk directly to a gay adult, I mean have a long talk, for an hour or two, he might have made a different decision. It’s the responsibility of young people to seek out the older gay men and women when they’re facing harassment.

  • Christopher

    @bob. I don’t believe that’s true. Percentage wise, young people are definitely more tolerant than ever before. But the minority has become much more vocal, because they have seen politicians, and religious groups demonize gay people publicly, with no consequences. It doesn’t take a majority to bully, just a small hate fueled minority.

    But I don’t believe that if you arent gay hating, that you are ostracized, at least in most of the country.

  • o

    @Henry: You might say that, because of the way high school is structured, it’s more about surviving than graduating…. I agree that people suddenly find themselves thrown out into a life with perhaps too many possibilities. The institutional is there, but the ritual is missing.

  • Will

    @Henry: Thank you for your intelligent reply, and may Jacob Rogers rest in peace.

  • Kevin Pat

    Can we find out where to send funeral donations to?

    It’s a terrible tragedy to lose someone you love at such a young age, but to not be able to afford a proper funeral adds to the despair of family and friends. I think there are individuals out there that would like to send whatever monetary support they can to allow Jacob to be given a proper funeral.

  • sic!

    It’s very sad story.

    I don’t get it as human being, how those bullies can breath easily and cope with fact that because of their tongues and stupid behaviour a boy committed suicide. I can’t imagine how I could deal with such shame and live as nothing had happened at all.

  • Danny

    you can send donations to:

    Sandman’s Ink Shop 1102 N. Main Street, Ashland City, TN 37015 or by calling (615) 792-0506

  • janedoe

    I highly doubt it was something deeper than being bullied. He was being picked on because of the path in life that he chose, which is absolute bs….Everyone is entitled to be who they want to be and not have anyone bother them…This boy felt he had know way out because of the immaturity of other children. I bet they don’t feel sorry for them either. I think the root of the problem is in the parents. They had to learn it from somewhere. It is because of people like you that this problem will never be solved, saying there was a deeper problem not wanting to think that maybe the fact that he was a homosexual and people were picking on him was the cause. Open your mind and your eyes. It happens everyday and wont be stopped until we start taking it seriously!

  • Hyhybt

    @Bob: That more young people are tolerant (or better) than ever before doesn’t mean that *all* young people are. And just as with adults, those who are not tolerant see which way the tide is turning. Some respond by keeping their views quiet, and others by going more extreme to make up for their shrinking numbers.

  • the crustybastard

    So young Mr. Rogers was as sick as the rest of us repeatedly hearing administrators, law enforcement and prosecutors demur, “gee, we’d really love to do something about this harassment, but we don’t have enough evidence.”

    Of course, since a jury cannot even be bothered to convict one of these little darlings for double-tapping a gay kid execution-style in a classroom full of witnesses, I’m sure that, as usual, authorities will invoke the “sticks and stones” doctrine, then piously reassure the public that they’d never tolerate bullying, and insist — without a trace of irony — that a few days suspension is a perfectly adequate and appropriate response.

    It’s just another gay kid committing suicide due to an ongoing failure of adult supervision. It’s nothing serious.

  • Susan

    We need more and better anti-bullying programs in schools to prevent horrific tragedies like this. But with people like Dan Villarreal writing about how gays secretly want to indoctrinate school children, it is all the more difficult to get these programs instituted. Thanks for making the world a more dangerous place Dan!

    BTW, in keeping with your past writings on dead bullying victims such as Tyler Clementi, can we expect a Dan Villarreal post on Jacob Rogers’ preferences in guys? I am sure that if it is offensive and crass and cruel, you’ll write it.

  • GR

    This makes me so sad.

  • Str8againsth8

    I graduated high school two years ago, and I have to say, my generation sickens me. A lot of us are far more open, I honestly don’t believe I could physically be more accepting. However, my counter-parts are getting dangerously more intolerant. It begins with simple joking “you’re so gay” and escalates to calling people what I will just call the F word, as I can’t even stomach it’s use. Before you know it, it is outright abuse in the schools and online. What terrifies me more, is everyday, this generation is gaining more influence in ts country as they gain the right to vote. I don’t know which side has more votes now, but it will be a fight to get the right to marry spread across this nation. I think the important first step is to educate the youth of is country. I was lucky enough to be brought up by a mom who is as ultra-liberal as I am, and who has supported gay rights for her entire adult life. I know that my high school had no real programs to end bullying or to influence how people view other groups. It’s difficult to figure out what to do, but we need to reach kids young to end prejudice. If we cannot fix this, we will only face more tragedies such as this, innocent people being abused for who they are. RIP Jacob

  • Lewos

    This is a terribly sad story, in fact its disgusting – the school knew about it, we know its true – but to the writer; thanks for using such “empathatic langaige” – “mega sad”? You made it sound like someone was talking about how they lost a pencil case or something, show a little more sympathy.

  • sabrina

    @slanty: or maybe the responsibility of those adults to seek out and mentor those kids?

  • Kendall

    @Bob: Because of the many pro-gay positive influences in the media, kids are thinking it’s safe to come out at younger and younger ages. I’m not blaming the media, I’m just pointing out that 20 years ago you were more likely to wait until you were out of high school and out of the home before you began to come out to your friends and family. But it doesn’t matter how tolerant each generation is, because the sad truth is kids are cruel. They will always be cruel. They will do anything to fit in and feel better about themselves. The easiest way to do this is to take the focus off of their own flaws and project it onto someone else.

    -former victim of anti-gay bullying

  • South Africa

    I’m from overseas. How can we (I) donate Internationally? This so sad and unfair. I’m a gay student at University, though it is tolerated here, across the world students are bullies :(.

  • Carrie

    I must have missed the part of this article that was funny enough to make people click “LOL”. Wonder what part was funny exactly…the fact that he was gay & killed himself or that his grandma can’t afford a funeral for him? That’s stupid. People need to knock it off. There is nothing funny about anyone killing themselves. Whether they’re part of the LGBT community or not. I’m losing all hope for my generation. We’re so cruel and inhumane. This has got to stop. I can’t believe the school knew about the bullying and all they did was slap the bullies on their wrists. Things like that are why kids continue to bully. No one does anything about it until it’s too late. And even then they don’t always take action.

    Thoughts & prayers go out to his family and friends.

  • slanty

    @sabrina: Certainly, adults should reach out to teens too. I guess it’s too much to ask for an implied reading, isn’t it? Jesus.

  • Rachel

    @Bob: I am Christian and I support gays and gay marriage completely. Three of my best friends are gay and I would rather be with them than we straight friends.

  • John Johnson

    I live in the same area and I must say I’m not surprised that fellow students gave him a hard time. It’s the redneck capitol of TN. Why is there not a 24hr hotline for gay students to call. Staffed by people like us who want nothing but to reassure that it will get better. A scholarship program to get these kids out of schools that refuse to act, how does that sound? As a group we could fund this easily. It sickens me to think this kid actually felt he now way out. I took some bullying myself in high school and I feel for this kid. You just want to take the bullies, make them dig his grave, and make them explain to his grandmother why they felt it was necessary to drive this poor soul to such desperate measures. Inbred assholes!

  • Dave

    @Bob: In the same post that you condemned anti-gay bullying (which, I wholeheartedly agree with), you qualified religion as being nonsense that is comparable to cancer and inferred that you think third world countries are jokes. Yikes.

    This story is sad. It should not have happened. We live in a broken world. Makes my heart hurt.

  • Rebeccah

    Hello, everyone! My name is Rebeccah and I was one of jacob’s friends. If you want to donate, you could probably send the money to our school. Our school (Cheatham County Central High School) is trying to raise money as well as lical shops and the creator of the “It Gets Better” project. We live in a small, southern town where there aren’t very many gays that are out and the ones that are gay are often treated poorly like Jacob was. :/ He was a nice and super funny guy! Some people just had a hard time accepting him. :/

  • Rebeccah

    @NG: The owner of the tattoo shop is very supportive. He just opened up not too long ago. If you want to donate, but feel kind or weary about sending it to a random tattoo shop you could send it to our school. Just look up the address! If you want to help out other organizations dealing with this you can go here. They raised $5,000 for Jacob’s funeral. Everything after the 5,000 they give to other projects. :)


  • Jon

    @Bob: At times it seems as if the majority of the people in this country have the same “thought processes” as the supporting cast in the movie “Deliverance.” Such a wonderful thing for the rest of the world to see.

  • Will

    I was bullied throughout school for being gay, but if you don’t have the support from people ESPECIALLY a school I don’t foresee a good outcome. My sympathies.

    Ps. Regarding the segment said by School Directory Tim Webb… You’re more ignorant than newscasters. If you honestly think that in order to prevent something you need to speak up, you’re in the wrong profession. Everyone talks, teachers will find out about problems first. Don’t blame new faculty and undermine their knowledge. Instead develop a prevention for the issue. Good luck at re-election.

  • Bailey

    Empathy and sympathy are learned things, so kids need to be taught these things BEFORE they bully other kids to death; no kid should have to feel the way Jacob felt, and no kid should learn not to treat others this way by having bullied someone to death. I think there needs to be some kind of mandatory therapy or sensitivity training or SOMETHING in schools because right now, it’s pretty much left to parents to teach kids stuff like that (at least, I don’t remember ever being taught that in school), and not all parents teach or practice tolerance and acceptance or are even NICE to their kids. Also, if some sort of program like that were started, more kids who are having problems would be willing to discuss those problems with a guidance counselor or someone because if that kid doesn’t know that people care and they’ve only experienced abuse, they’re less likely to reach out and ASK for help; they need to be told that someone is there to help them; they shouldn’t have to go looking for someone to care about them. Basically, I think this country needs to take better care of its children. (If I got off-topic from Jacob’s specific situation, my apologies; I just wrote a paper on this topic for my English class and feel very strongly about this)

  • BubbasBack

    I guess it’s still getting better, right Dan Savage? Burp.

  • Jo

    This is unacceptable. What the hell is it going to take to stop the bullying. It should be a punishable crime, and if you think your so tough you can bully someone, and this happens, try the little bastards as adults and put them in prison and get their just dues there!

  • What?

    @BubbasBack: Thank you for saying that, because that tool is just making a brand for himself, and doing nothing to help these kids.

    The government needs to stop dicking around on this issue and put mandatory clubs in schools for ANY child who needs support regardless of the issue. Especially to handle bullying and take it seriously.

    This all falls on the schools and their lack of support for bullied students. I dealt with all of this in school myself and had no support. I had to sit there and take it so I know how rough it is and no it didn’t “get better” thank you very much Dan Savage.

    Even when you make it through the bullying there’s still depression and feeling alone. There’s a huge lack in social skills from shying away from everyone and locking yourself in your room so how is it going to “get better”? An anti-social teen becomes an anti-social adult and moving to “gay areas” full of cliques who ignore you really doesn’t help.

    Instead of making dumb youtube videos maybe that moron can get off his rich ass and actually start a gay support group. He doesn’t even have to speak or attend just call in some favors from his other rich friends making stupid videos.

  • Jane

    I recently graduated high school, and saw two of my guy friends get bullied vastly and had to stop one from committing suicide. I decided to tell my parents of my sexuality after my best friend teased me about it one night. My father didn’t speak a word to me for over three months. And the first words he said were “It’s just a phase.” That was five years ago, and I do not regret telling them one bit. I was fortunate enough to discover that my “father” is actually my step father and I have no relation to him. Honestly, I get more shit at home than I did at my high school, and do at my college. I’m a Christian, and I obviously support gay marriage, and also, the statement Love is Love. Guys get the rough end of the stick. When I get the chance, I defend them and I always participate in The Day Of Silence. At my high school I was actually able to convince a few people, who would normally be completely against the matter, to participate. I think the day of silence really has a good point. Anyway, there’s always a new day, and there’s always a new way to take care of it. I just wish schools would be more supportive of the LBGT cause. *sigh* here’s to hoping. Cheers.

  • heydrichmuller

    ……………….My cursor has been ticking inside the comments box for almost 45 minutes with my heartbreaking. This cannot go on. Simply relying on videos and help lines is no longer enough. Something has to give.

  • B

    No. 1 · Bob wrote, “I thought the younger generation were more tolerant?”

    On the average they are – that’s what statistics show – but you still have a few kids who make up for their inadequacies by trying to put down others any way they can. Of course, not too many years ago, a family would not admit it if their child killed himself because of anti-gay harassment. They would have announced some other reason. So, some of the apparent increased rate is due to more accurate reporting.

    Re: “It seems to me that this country os going backwards and all do to this religious nonsence spreading like a cancer. If you are not a gay-hating Christian in this country, you are an outcast.”

    Not true in general although probably true in some areas.
    http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2012/tables/12s0075.pdf has the data. The fraction of people claiming no religion has gone up, but so has the fraction of “Evangelical/Born Again”, which has increased even faster (by gaining members at the expense of other religious groups). Curiously, the “nondenominational” category has also gone up substantially. The Evangelicals, of course, like to evangelize – i.e., make a lot of noise, and increasing numbers means increasing financial resources to pay for anti-gay PR.

  • Lizzy

    Broken world, broken heart. R.I.P.

  • David

    From what I have read the cost of the Funeral has been covered !!!! Mr.Jacob Rogers your death will not be in vain !!! May you find peace for once in your life and God Bless all of his “TRUE” friends.

  • kylew

    I hate to sound like the parents Footloose, but I blame the Internet. It’s true that there is a more liberal mindset in schools nowadays, but the Internet, as evidenced by this group, promotes a culture of speaking your thoughts utterly mindless of the feelings of others. As COB also pointed out, when kids see that a booy who literally executed a gay kid getting away with insulting sentences, and the victim is responsible in a queer bashing for not having 100% total recall the following day, is it any wonder that kids are emboldened to bully?

  • tim

    I didn’t personally know jacob rogers but my best friend did. The candle light vigil was a success tonight and he would be happy to see all those who loved him show there support. From my understanding he moved ith his grandmother because his own parents didn’t accept him being gay. Truth is bullying is everwhere,some are stronger then others but what people need to realize is words or no, it still hurts even if you joking or not. Its sad that this has happened to yet another young person who had a bright future ahead of him but couldn’t take anymore. People need to step up, what if it was your son, daughter,brother, sister, niece tc getting bullied? And for parents of the bullies, keep your kids in check and teach them its not right. One day this is going to happen again except the bullied kids gonna snap and its gonna be another columbine. Own up people, gay straight, black white or whatever, we are who we are and anyone who claims chirstianity or anything def needs to open their eyes, in the bible it says only God can judge, so we as people need to leave it at that.

  • Joshua


    JoeMyGod, Towleroad, and Dan Savage have raised $5000 already today…within 3 hours of posting even. I would still encourage more donating. There’s no telling how much it’ll cost his relatives in total. This is when i love the community that we can pull together, when we take care of one of our own.

  • Danielle

    @ John Johnson

    There is a 24 hour hotline. TheTrevorProject.org is an organization devoted to helping LGBT teens in crisis.

  • B

    No. 40 · kylew wrote,”I hate to sound like the parents Footloose, but I blame the Internet.”

    Read No 41. It seems there was more going on – parents who would not accept a gay son – that were possibly contributing factors.

    Also, don’t confuse the Internet, which is really just the routers, DNS servers, and some other infrastructure, with social-media web sites, email, and similar services that use the Internet for communication.

  • Billy

    @Rebeccah: If you are really his friend, you won’t cover for the people who bullied him. “Some people” didn’t bully him; individuals with names bullied him. If they aren’t named, if they are just referred to as “bullies” or “some people” then they will never be accountable for the actions. Name them and shame them. Or don’t call yourself Jacob’s friend.

  • Laura Sarratt

    Bullying is a state of mind. Although being gay made this child more vulnerable, his tormentors, now that he is gone, will just move on to another victim, another vulnerable child. This new victim will not necessarily be gay but will be vulnerable in another area. Children, today, contrary to popular opinion are not more tolerant of anything if they are not given enough respect to be strictly supervised, guided and taught leadership, self respect, self discipline, and service. Schools, now, breed a Lord of the Flies culture that is called “freedom of expression”. This manifests itself in a lack of discipline, respect for teachers, their peers, and leads to an inability to work and learn. These children will not be able to lead productive lives, get jobs, have “families”, or nurture their communities. It’s just a horrible culture that will only lead to more misery. This poor child had just a grandmother to raise him and his sister. She does not even have the money to bury him. Where are his parents? I bet I can tell you…. in a drug addled state. I blame the adults and I am angry.

  • Victoria


    Im so sorry that all you’ve encountered is “gay hating christians”. They arent real christians… As a christian, I love everyone. Sin is sin, it doesnt matter, one is bad as another!No one is perfect, I’ve got sin in my life… I may not approve but still love them as a person!! Some ppl are really messed up on their perception of how christianity should be! And you’re right their type of “religion” should be taken out of government and replaced with the REAL CHRISTianity!!!

  • Victoria

    Alot of ppl are commenting… “youth these days are mean”.. we as adults do the same bullying. I dont think some of it is intentional, I think some of it maybe “needling” we pick and pick at ppl and may not realize that they are hurting the other persons feelings.. until its too late. On the flip side, ppl are threatened by anything thats not “cookie cutter” ppl! They dont know how to talk to or associate with those… There is only 2 reasons why ppl talk about other ppl.. 1- They dont understand 2- they are jealous! So the next you open your mouth about someone ask yourself.. y are u talkin about’em???

  • family

    To everyone including the writer maybe yall should be a little more sympathetic to what yall say and think about what the family is thinking and how they are feeling i am a member of his family and seeing some of yalls comments sickens me. How would yall feel if it was someone in yalls family. he was a wonderful person, always cheerful.

    too all those who helped and are praying for the family thank you so much!!!

  • btseven

    A big F*ck you to all of you that checked the LOL box!

  • Shannon1981

    This poor kid didn’t have to die. How could this go on for four years without anyone doing anything about it? This goes for ALL of the tragedies of this nature. Do people not know their own kids well enough to know what is going on, do schools not monitor this sort of harassing behavior?

    Then again, when some of the bullies are the ones running the schools and the households of these poor kids, no wonder shit like this keeps happening.

  • Shannon1981

    @Victoria: Christianity shouldn’t be in government at all. If you do not approve, why are you on a gay site? I do appreciate the less hateful sentiments, but it doesn’t make your view any less harmful.

    This is a post mourning one of our dead. Leave us be. The likes of someone who “doesn’t approve” does not belong here.

  • Hyhybt

    @Shannon1981: Teenagers are *supposed* to go all moody and secretive and whatever.

    @Victoria: You’re almost there. The next part is to realize that being gay isn’t even a sin. Just a natural variation in the way God made us. (Though someone here will complain of that statement too.)

  • Alex

    This is getting quite ridiculous. I’ve heard so many stories like this this year, and I wish the bullying would just stop. Teenagers get enough problems in their lives, with school, friendship or family issues etc, without having to deal with harassment. Schools don’t do enough to help these people. I’ve heard so many cases, from friends and from the internet, where teens go to school, and get harassed in the corridor, or get slurs such as “fag” etc written on lockers, on books, yet the teachers turn a blind eye. I’ve heard one where a teacher, after hearing a bully tease a guy in class about being gay, smiled, and didn’t do anything about it. No reprimand, nothing.

    It’s small things like these, that teachers, and parents need to stop. To them, it doesn’t hurt. But to gay teens, who are already going through a tough time on the inside, trying to find out who they are, it means alot if someone doesn’t accept them.

    May he rest in peace, and hopefully, no more of these incidents will occur.

    Being gay is not a choice. The only part of it that is a choice, is if you come out of the closet. And it takes alot of courage to come out of the closet, so I think, we should all respect that, and the bullies need to move on with their lives. If you don’t like some’s personality or life choice, just don’t hang out with them. Don’t go out of your way, to bully them. It is pointless, and ruins people’s lives.

  • Jake

    It’s so sad that this kind of thing happens. I just graduated high school where I was openly gay and I had an amazing experience. I hung out with everybody and anybody and was never excluded from the “popular group” for being gay. I guess I kinda got out of touch with how much a problem anti-gay bullying still is. This is super sad.

  • AChristiane

    @slanty: Hada major fight with my parish priest as a teen (Roman Catholic) when he brought my resistance to confession home to my grandmother. It wasn’t a pretty fight either. My Grandmother on the other hand didn’t care. “You have a problem ? Take it up with him >pointing at me Effect. When will we hold those responsible to the same standard across the board? Governments fire people for getting ablow job nder the table, send them to prison for decades for trying to sell a senate seat vacancy, for failing to help someone. But bullies who bring aboout the death of an innocent are merely shamed. What does this say about our society? How we treat the weak, the children, and our elders speaks volumes as to our moral, ethical and societal stardards (our lack thereof).

  • B

    No. 49 · btseven wrote, “A big F*ck you to all of you that checked the LOL box!”

    27 did (at this point) and 11 checked the ‘hot’ box, with much higher numbers for the
    other two. I suspect some (I’d hope all) of the LOL ones were accidental – clicking
    just before the mouse got to the correct place.

    If you click something by mistake, I don’t think QUEERTY gives you any way of fixing the error.

  • Gigi

    @btseven – I think 27 “LOL” checks is about 26 more than simply being a mistake. No one’s that bad with the mouse. I’ve always thought the choices were too limited and are only appropriate for gossip rag posts. I think the NOM’ers troll these sites more than they used to (much in the same way that I patrol their sites to see what they’re up to), and they’re none too loving of us. One more dead gay kid is like manna from heaven to them.

    For me these stories are heartbreaking. I was once a scared, closeted teenager who thought he’d never be able to have a happy, loving relationship. A “normal” relationship like everyone else. I made a half-hearted attempt at suicide but couldn’t do it. At the time I thought it was because I was a wimp and didn’t have the guts…but now, on the other side of the pain, I realize it was because there was still a glimmer of hope deep inside of me. I’m living proof that it can get better. We just have to keep getting the message out there and not become negative and say “well it obviously doesn’t get better because kids are still killing themselves.” That’s just bullshit. I think the incidents are just being reported more these days. Kids need to know (and some adults as well) that life IS getting better for many of us!

  • Scilar279

    @Bob: Children are more tolerant in general; they don’t see color, gender, religion, etc. until the adults in his or her life point it out to them. I teach preschool, and even when children notice ‘differences’, they accept them and move on. I have had two children in the past four years who were gender variant and the other children played with them just fine. It was the parents who had issues.

    Not all Christians are homophobic zealots. SOME of us know that God made everyone, and that He loves us all just the way we are (just like Mr. Rogers!) No-one should be picked on for any reason, let alone who they love. Teenagers, unfortunately, can be especially cruel. It is a volatile stage of life what with hormones and other body/brain changes. Add something ‘different’ to the mix (and I realize ALL teens are ‘different’) and it can be a true ordeal.

    My heart goes out to his family and my prayers go to heaven for them.

  • DB9

    To the friends and bullies of Jacob Rogers, this is a very sad event and for such a seemly nice young boy to take his life over inhumane treatment is such a shame. Those of you who knew him, WHAT DID YOU EVER DO TO YOU, that could lead to this? Is this the answer you were looking for all along? As a gay adult, I have lived my life in the south, in the military, and around this country. I have meet haters and ignorant people, but given the chance to get to know someone will change everything. I don’t normally respond to these and remain quiet, but not this time. I am sick and tired of hearing about bullying, and wish those of you that do it and those of you that know about it, will someday learn that what goes around comes around. If you can hold your head high knowing you are repsonsible this tragedy, then you are truly a low life and I will assure you won’t ever forget what you’ve done! TAKEN A LIFE!

  • Rob

    Every year 5000 gay teens commit suicide, as a bi teenager myself i think as a nation we need to end this. It’s just destroying human potential. And after we get equality in our nation we then need to reach out to other countries. Iran has already executed over 4000 gays, many similar to teens like Jacob. This is genocide. And it all has to stop. That’s why whatever you do don’t vote republican in the 2012 election, because the republican candidates support the death of Jacob. Don’t be on the wrong side people.

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