Behind Bob Barr’s Gay Flip Flop

Bob Barr obviously believes in selective memory.

The Libertarian presidential nominee told voters last week that he opposes the Defense of Marriage Act, a piece of legislation he wrote while the Republican Governor of Georgia. The turnaround garnered him some praise and gave Libertarian voters hope that their candidate would fight for their free-wheeling, states rights values. Too bad Barr doesn’t really buy what he’s selling.

Homo-journo Michelangelo Signorile informs us that Barr appeared on his radio show two days before the Libertarian convention and again vowed to support DOMA. So, what changed? Party leaders pressured Barr to change his stance – or lose the nomination:

On [May 23] Barr came on my radio program to talk about his run for the presidency. The Libertarian Party was convening that weekend in Denver, and he was hopeful that he would get the nomination.

We went back and forth about DOMA, the full faith and credit clause of the Constitution, and how, in my view, his position just didn’t gel with libertarian principles. Nonetheless, he staunchly defended DOMA.

Then, two days later, in his acceptance speech after snagging the Libertarian Party nomination, Barr vowed that he would work to repeal DOMA!

What the hell happened? According to Brian Miller, a Libertarian Party member and a member of Outright Libertarians, an LGBT group, Barr was told he wouldn’t get the nomination unless he changed his position on DOMA. Outright Libertarians led the charge with the leadership to pressure Barr…

Hooray for homo-politico power.

The Libertians party hopes to be a spoiler in this year’s election by taking votes from John McCain. Barr’s this little flip-flop, however, could damage Barr’s standing in the party, which some say remains shaky:

…Some political observers have cast some doubt that Mr. Barr — who once supported the Patriot Act and strict drug laws, and helped lead the impeachment of President Clinton — could energize enough in the party to make a difference.

“I’m not sure he’s the optimal messenger,” said Charlie Cook, the political analyst.

Apparently not.

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  • Russ

    Bob Barr was never governor of Georgia; he was a member of Congress. Not that it makes that much difference, an asshole is an asshole.

  • fredo777

    Won’t get my vote, that’s for damn sure. I knew something about that flip-flop seemed shaky.

  • Bill

    There are two parts of DOMA. One part prohibits federal courts from forcing states to recognize same-sex marriages from other states. The other part defines marriage as being between one man and one woman only for federal purposes. Bob Barr still supports the first part on states rights grounds (libertarians can agree or disagree with him on that). He now supports repealing the second part. In terms of federal taxes and immigration law that’s a huge step forward.

  • ameribrit

    It seems very odd that someone would change their views so drastically. However it’s still a step forward.

  • Chapeau

    Barr is still an asshole.

  • CAm

    Not to sound jaded, but why is anybody expressing any surprise that a career politicion changed their view for political reasons? Most politicians could teach the hookers down on the point a thing or two about selling themselves.

  • Bob R

    He looks too much like Heinrich Himmler to me. Has anyone ever seen him and Heinrich together? Oh, wait, Himmler committed suicide in 1945. I can only hope Barr will take the same initiative in 2008.

  • mark

    Barr = loserr

  • Mike

    The fact that the Liberterians elected this asswipe as their presidential nominee says an awful lot about that party.

  • LeBain

    Barr was never governor. We was always a self-serving weasel. Get your facts right.

  • reversion

    “The Libertians party hopes to be a spoiler in this year’s election by taking votes from John McCain.”

    They wouldn’t have to be “spoilers” if we had a parliament, rather than an undemocratic 2-party system.

  • fredo777

    A parliament, eh?

    Does that mean our officials would get to wear powdered wigs? If so, I’m all about it.

  • charles

    Let me start off by saying, the joke Huckabee made at the NRA convention despite what all over P.Ceed leftist would have you beleive what out right halarious and I about fell out of my chair laughing. NO it was not a joke about an assasination. It was a joke about Obamas Stance on Gun Rights and the second amendment. I am a Huckabee Voter all the way, Everyone I know is Huckabee supporters and I know quite a few Athiest that was voting Huckabee as well. That said. If Huckabee isnt the Veep pick by Mccain or I reffer to him “Old man McCane”

    I will probably be voting Libertarian. Bob Barr is drawing many Huckabee supporters who feel like they have been disinfranchised by the GOP, So be nice to Huckabee Bob Barr becuase lots of your supporters are coming from the Huckabee camp. That said I know of about two thirds of the people I know that where voting huckabee will be voting Barr if Huckabee is not the veep. I learned quite a bit about barr at I didnt know much about Barr or The Libertarian Party pick for vp Wayne Root until about a month ago. You can learn more about wayne root at My second pick to Huckabee was Ron Paul. Too bad he didnt run on the LP ticket. Im sure he would of done extremely well. Maybe even had a shot at the office of the president. To see how Ron Paul feels about Barr watch this video at
    Please be nice to Huckabee Libertarians. Theres alot of us thinking about making the switch.

  • fredo777

    You lost me after “I am a Huckabee Voter”.

  • David Tomlin

    Huckabee’s joke should be offensive to NRA members. The NRA was about promoting gun safety for a long time before gun control became a hot political issue. Huckabee pictured an NRA member neglecting safety rules when handling a firearm, and mocked an imaginary Obama for being surprised and disconcerted at such an event. He seemed to be implying that one should expect NRA members to handle firearms unsafely.

  • Austrian Economist

    As a Libertarian, there is NO WAY in hell I’m voting for Bob Barr. The guy embodies hypocrisy and flip-flopping.

    The Libertarians made a ridiculously bad choice when they didn’t rally behind Mike Gravel, a real leader with national prominence, and also a proud fighter for gay marriage and total equality for all human beings.

    With respect to gay marriage, the only candidate that one can totally trust is Ralph Nader, or whoever the Greens nominate.

  • Brian Miller

    With respect to gay marriage, the only candidate that one can totally trust is Ralph Nader

    I wouldn’t say that. When Nader was asked about gay marriage during his presidential run against Al Gore and George Bush, he replied with a dismissive “I don’t believe in gonadal politics” reply.

  • harry

    Homosexuality is a mental illness that causes people to commit suicide and hate themselves and life, it is the nature of the sin to put people in this darkness but there is hope! Jesus Christ can make you a new person and free you from this bondage. Ask to be saved and be free.

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