“Behind The Candelabra” Tweets: Find Out Which Celebs Loved It


It was a long weekend of beer, bongs and BBQ, so forgive us this late post on the twittering behind Behind the Candelabra, pretty much our favorite movie of the year so far, and a gigantic hit for HBO. After premiering at Cannes with made-to-order Champagne (Lee would have loved it), the Liberace/Scott Thorson love story finally made it to America Sunday night, inspiring Rob Lowe GIFs here and hererave reviews and polyamory across the Twitterverse. Following find some hilarious observations from some of our favorite celebs.

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  • BritAus

    Sorry. Over this “click for next page” rubbish. Should just be able to scroll down.

  • richybruce

    Steven Soderbergh is a hack! A graduate of the Sidney Lumet school of filmmaking. Matt Damon is the only one in the movie doing anything real. Michael Douglas’ Rich Little imitation of Liberace was soulless and would generate huge laughs on Saturday Night Live. The only thing I will say for the movie is that it finally paints Scott Thorson in a more sympathetic light. I’m sure it was somewhere in between, but Liberace was a perverted nasty old queen. The exact opposite of the way he wanted everyone to see him. Shitty movie. I expected nothing less from Mr. Soderbergh.

  • Christopher22

    Agree. This site has the most clumsy set-up. I won’t be wasting time on it anymore.

  • the other Greg

    @BritAus: For anyone out there who’s impatient (like you?), the only really funny one is #7 from Patton Oswalt!

  • JDJase

    I’m glad we live in a country where life is so easy and grand that we can bitch and moan and complain and whine about having to click your mouse TEN TIMES ZOMG.

  • JDJase

    @the other Greg: agreed, Patton Oswalt had me laughing out loud

  • Christopher22

    @JDJase: Glad you’re rich enough to have a fast internet connection. Not all of us do. It’s tredious and awkward to open so many pages when you are not rich.

  • JDJase

    @Christopher22: I’m not rich. Just not stupid. And please, I’ve dealt with slow internet connections before, you make it sound like you have to wait 5 minutes for each page to load. Unless you’re stuck in 1992, I highly doubt that’s the case. The fact that you are so impatient that having to wait a few seconds for a page to load upsets you, makes you a pathetic human being.

  • goodpa

    Stop it! You are BOTH pretty!

  • Christopher22

    @goodpa: Yes, I am! THANK YOU!!

  • Darling Nikki

    I tried to like this film. It’s okay. It plods to long.

    Michael Douglas was good as Liberace and managed somehow to make this creepy persona somewhat palatable. He for sure didn’t let me forget he was Michael Douglas, but he played the role without a stitch of vanity. Ironic considering whom he was portraying.

    Matt Damon. I love Matt Damon but not in this. He was seriously miscast. He is a 40 year old playing half his age. Matt is hot but at no time did he look like a young 20-something. And his performance was blah.

    Rob Lowe was awesome. His straining to see Matt Damon while performing plastic surgery had me laughing.

    Debbie Reynolds was supberb but I felt her character dragged the movie and was in the realm of things inconsequential. You could easily edit this out and it would speed the pace and not hurt the movie’s plotline. I can’t blame Soderbergh for wanting to direct her. She was a rare gem in this film but her character bore no tension or relevance to the story being told.

    Scott Bakula/Cheyenne Jackson and Dan Akroyd were splendid in support.

    The movie is a gritty Lifetime movie at its core with gratuitous nudity and language. I thought it was surprising someone like Liberace never had a biopic done of him. Now we know why. Bitter Closet Queen who’d have you believe he died of a Watermelon diet. He is not a Gay Icon in my opinion. This film isn’t all that good either.

    1 1/2 stars out of four.

  • RomanHans

    @Darling Nikki: Rob Lowe turned the film into a broad comedy. I mean seriously, who’d go to a plastic surgeon who can barely open his eyes? The movie just bounced around from scene to scene without a point. Really, a rich man can’t get rid of his boy toy? Even a boy toy that’s been addicted to cocaine for years? I didn’t see any real villains, just ordinary flawed people, which isn’t that interesting. (Liberace’s refusal to acknowledge his homosexuality could have added an interesting theme, but that was only brought up at the very end.)

  • Mr. E. Jones

    I really have to wonder how popular this film would be with out gay actors. Hets really love praising hets for playing gay. Never see them praising gays for paying straight.

  • Niall

    We’re all missing the most important thing here. That tweet from Cher is probably one of the most coherent things she’s ever said on twitter.

    And wow, Kathy Griffin, that’s a big ass TV

  • Darling Nikki

    @RomanHans: Oh, I agree completely, that’s why I thought Rob Lowe’s part was insane. And a little background, I’ve seen plenty of botched plastic surgery in my line of work, including the infamous Jocelyn Wildenstein, up close and personal (Mary Tyler Moore in person is also quite scary, but I digress), so seeing Rob Lowe in this light, and considering his past, it was funny and unfortunately spot-on. If you see most of the more popular plastic surgeons, they look as alien as their clients (not like the handsome men in Nip/Tuck).
    The movie is a LIFETIME genre movie. Thus yes, it bounces around without a point.
    Michael Douglas played Liberace so sympathetically you missed seeing that he was the villain. A closeted queen who was too cowardly to take charge in any aspect of his life, from performing gigs to dealing with his boytoys. He laid the blame on everyone else’s feet.
    They should’ve played up more Liberace’s refusal to acknowledge his homosexuality. He was the CLAY AIKEN (albeit with a ton more talent, of course)of his time.

  • the other Greg

    Who did a better job playing Liberace?:

    a) Michael Douglas, or

    b) Bugs Bunny? (always comfortable with his gay side!)

  • Darling Nikki

    @the other Greg: Oh that’s easy, Bugs Bunny, we’ve all seen how he handles that carrot.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    #11 Darling Nikki, Thanks for the succinct, well-written take on this film.

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