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Behind the Scenes of Brent Corrigan’s Mermaid Star Turn

Brent Corrigan is a homosexual male porn actor, a class of individuals this website doesn’t generally cover, unless they’re involved in the military, self-aggrandizing, business opportunities, education, free speech, or dead. But then a video surfaced of Mr. Corrigan behind the scenes of 2008’s camp spring break film Another Gay Sequel, wherein the adult performer — currently in Sydney for Mardis Gras — transforms into a mermaid with make-up and plastic wrap, and awww, it’s just too cute not to share.

And also possibly NSFW, because you see some bum.

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    And also possibly NSFW, because you see some bum.

    You also see some cock.

    This is an extra on the DVD of “Another Gay Sequel”.

    When I heard Corrigan was in this, I had thought about getting one of his porn films, until I saw the this extra, wherein at one point, he flips off the camera. Suddenly he wasn’t so interesting anymore.

  • Lucky Luke

    Another Gay Movie was great, but the sequel was just horrible. Avoid it at any cost.

  • alan brickman

    he’s involved in a murder…but turned state witness….wtf??….

  • drifter

    Though he was only a baby more or less when he started in porn (15 years old) he absolutely starred in every scene he was in and still does. He has grown into a fine looking young man.

    I do hope he is investing his money wisely and come out on top when he hits thirty. I am such a fan I would feel wounded if he ended up like Stonie. Speaking of Stonie that was one bottom who should have left the business very wealthy, but we all have our problems and social draw backs.

  • Ryan

    So, a man who calls himself “Mr. Enemabag Jones” enjoys gay porn, but his delicate sensibilities are wrecked by the dreaded middle finger. Priceless! Only on Queerty.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Oh, did I just click on one of those bottom-feeder porn-stars as hailed-heroes links?

  • Rob Moore

    I don’t usually criticize Queerty, but I have to say that your phrase “a class of individuals this website doesn’t generally cover” seems quite sanctimonious.

    A lot of gay men buy porn, including me, but then say things that are derogatory and and demeaning about the men who perform in them. I actually know one man who did gay porn for a few years starting in college and completed a doctorate in some field of biochemistry.

    I have seen so many comments on this site that could have been written by some blue-haired church lady. It seems rather hypocritical to me.

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