Behold! A Shirtless Tom Daley Portrait Made Entirely Out Of Homophobic Tweets

This just made our Monday. Conor Collins, a visual artist living in Manchester, has unveiled what may be the most brilliant piece of artwork we’ve ever laid eyes on: A shirtless portrait of Tom Daley composed entirely from angry hate tweets.

Collins compiled homophobic tweets directed at Daley after he came out as “in a relationship with a man” last December, then used them to create the portrait. And the end result is as stunning as it is sexy.

But don’t get too excited, boys. Collins finished the picture just four days ago and it’s already been sold. Whomp whomp.

UPDATE: Collins contacted us to let us know the image has not been sold and is, actually, not for sale. He created it merely out of his appreciation for Daley.

Check out Collins’ portrait below. And see more of his work at his website.