Behold The Official, Court-Approved Logos Of Poland’s Neo Nazis

Last month a Polish court allowed the country’s Neo-Nazi movement to register a Celtic Cross and a “no gay sex” image as their official logos. When the Neo-Nazis mentioned the two-year-long court victory on their website, Poland’s first openly-gay member of parliament Robert Biedron responded by calling the images “neo-facist”, “xenophobic” and homophobic and has urged the justice ministry to revoke the court’s decision.

You have to hand it to the Nazis though, while people may not know that the Celtic Cross is used by far-right movements internationally, there’s no mistaking the meaning behind their second symbol.

Via Joe My God

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    I find it amazing that the people who fought against Hitler taking over Poland, could sit back and allow a new generation of Nazis to flourish in their country.

  • Ray

    Poland erected a statue of Ronald Reagan recently. Obviously it’s a country of right wing fools.

  • Fitz

    Oh, it’s laughable. Lots of women get it from behind too, either butt or vag.– all that
    logo shows is a hostility to giving it from behind.

  • ChrisC

    Who the hell has sex like that!? In that position that is. Don’t thye know that any sex position that straight couples can do, we can also do? Why are they so obsessed with that one position. Or better question yet: Why are these allegedly “Straight” people so obssed with Gay sex?

  • Allen D.

    @Fitz: Except the dick on the bottom makes it pretty gay specific.

  • Steve

    Is the symbol protesting the Polish Nazi movement a picture of one man sticking his head up his own ass while delivering a salute to the celtic cross with a slash through it?

  • sic!

    Such people are real minority here (about 2k people). Mostly they are nationalists, soccer hooligans, closeted case (stupid muscle guys hating feelings they have for other alpha males), some of them are orthodox catholics. You can see them in TV news when people express their presence in society by parading on streets at major cities (feminists, LGBT people, socialists etc.). Usually, they shout dumb statements and throw eggs. After 11th November (Independence Day holiday) riots in Warsaw between them with invited over hundred German neo nazists and Police they are public enemy n*1 in Poland.

  • JWilliamson

    @Allen D.: Its a mini-skirt, silly.

  • Andy

    Yeah, I know its a Celtic Cross but does it look like a crosshairs on a gun to anyone else? That’s f***ed up, man.

  • ewe

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones: And i find it amazing they do not realize that they open the door for something they find offensive.

  • ewe

    I once picked up a neo nazi visiting from Kentucky. I found out as i peeled his clothes off and found “White Power” tatoos on his back. I said “you had better keep your fucking shirt on around me cause i hang around all sorts of people.” We then went to Washington Heights where he clung to me like the little cutie i originally thought he was. Anyway, the point is that people stay stupid if they never expose themselves to outsiders.

  • ewe

    @Andy: that is one interpretation. I thought of it as a circle of life inside and outside the 4 temperaments.

  • anrefeir

    Um last time I checked the Nazis wanted to get rid of the Poles because they saw Slavic people also as inferior.

    This sounds like a bad Polish joke like: the one about the Polish gay guy—- He slept with women.

  • Fitz

    @ewe: Unless he had been to prison.
    Sometimes you do what you have to do to stay alive.. lots of
    guys come out with WP or SS tats.

  • ewe

    @Fitz: No this was “WHITE POWER” permanently stained on his back. FOOL. I told him ” you FOOL.” Never mind the fact he was as drunk as could be and asking me for any type of pill to alter his mind. I could have easily handed him a glass of poison and he would have voluntarily drank it. UNBELIEVABLE. STUPID YOUNG DUMB AND FULL OF CUM. I hope he gets that taken off his body. My point is that whenever i get anyone of these idiots by themselves they tend to be a lot more receptive and open. They are stupid little boys for the most part being manipulated by frustrated older angry failures. It’s a mob mentality. Dumb motherfuckers.

  • Allen D.

    @ewe: Ugh. Tattoo removal SUCKS. And if it wasn’t prison related… I pity the fool.

  • GiggleSnort


    Exactly! Both the Poles and Russian Neo-Nazis would have been enslaved or exterminated by the German Nazis.

  • ewe

    @Allen D.: Being gay and inquisitive is very fortunate. It expands our outlook and horizons.

  • ewe

    Rue the day gay people stop being compassionate!!!

  • Christopher Banks

    That “no bum sex” logo could easily be culture jammed into a safe sex poster. Put the logo at the top, “WITHOUT” in the middle and a big red condom underneath. That should piss them off.

  • Henry

    I was about to post a picture of Charles Rozier’s face as the perfect Nazi logo to use, since he’s a notorious anti-Semite, but he removed all of the pictures of himself from Google Images, just like he removed his name from all those people search sites a year ago. He must be plumb scared – that’s how they say it down South.

  • vince

    well its a major scandal here in Poland now – but surprisingly even the conservative right wingers and church officials agreed that the whole situation is unacceptable and they will not support in any way those “voices of hatred”.
    It will end up in the supreme court and surely they will delegalize the sign.

    its a fucking shame and a disgrace to my country – especially that the history of the II world war for Poland is one big fucking massacre performed by german nazis incl. concentration camps, gas chambers etc. and followed by dear Stalin and his red army.

    The article above is missing one thing -quite important for the meaning of the story. the name of this sign used by the nazis and automatically by the media in Poland is “Zakaz pedalowania” which means “NO FAGGOTTRY” – not “NO GAY SEX”. There’s a difference between those two and it makes the whole thing even sadder.

    On the bright side – for the first time in the history we have a representation in the parliament. who would have thought there would be a transgender deputy – founder of the “Trans-fusion” foundation helping trans people and a gay activist – former president of the “Campaign against homophobia”.

  • Gary

    @Christopher Banks:
    Thanks to Christopher Banks for his wonderful take on this nauseous situation!
    I’m going to do what he described just for fun. Hope you get to see it on my Flickr page named Pyrrhos in the file called Painted Politics.

  • B

    No. 1 · Mr. Enemabag Jones wrote, “I find it amazing that the people who fought against Hitler taking over Poland, could sit back and allow a new generation of Nazis to flourish in their country.”

    Read an article once in a German newspaper where they interviewed a former skinhead who had participated in a neo-Nazi march. He dropped out because his girlfriend insisted. Curiously he was not anti-semitic, and suggested that persecuting Jews was a big mistake because they threw away people who might have helped them win the war. Regardless, he said they did the march merely to shock people. Then he himself was shocked when some old woman started to cheer them on! In fairness to her advancing years, it possibly reminded her of her youth, when certain organs functioned better than in her very-old age and with age-related dementia helping her to forget the bad parts.

    If the idea of a skinhead/neo-Nazi who is not anti-semitic sounds weird, he was fairly young and not well educated, and probably just wanted to shock people to improve his status with his equally uneducated peers. At the time they interviewed him, he was starting to grow up.

  • Cary Hartline

    Well, it’s free speech, but it’s also hate-speech. There’s a fine line between allowing freedoms and protecting the freedoms of others. These hateful people are mostly just trying to get attention and such. It’s weird how they are so much against GLBT people, but they seem to be OK with seeing a sign that involves gay sex in it. No matter the intention they still are seeing an image of gay sex all the time. Which makes me LOL.

  • Avnass

    Oh yeah, both Poland and Russia have a lot of far-right groups. In fact so does most of Europe.

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