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Behold the trope of the “unexpected gay” character

Finn and Sean in ‘Life Is Strange 2’

Even with more queer representation on screen, characters from film, TV, and even video games are still assumed straight until proven otherwise — so oftentimes it’s still a surprise still when a character reveals same-sex attraction. With this phenomenon in mind, one Redditor recently asked for the best examples of the “unexpected gay” in media.

“My personal example is from the movie Songcatcher, where the protagonist’s sister turns out to be a lesbian,” the user wrote. “I was mostly surprised because it was a period piece and I didn’t think they were going to tackle this issue then.”

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A commenter on the post mentioned the video game Life Is Strange 2 and its pansexual character Finn. “Really didn’t expect it,” that user wrote. “I just love how it felt natural for him and Sean to kiss, even though it was a choice and you could decide to go with Cassidy instead.”

Another user, meanwhile, mentioned TV show Supernatural and alluded to the same-sex “Destiel” ship that never really sailed. “In the series Supernatural, there is a minor character that hits on one of the main characters,” that user wrote. “This was especially surprising because the series is heavily queerbaiting, trying to appeal to the queer community by hinting at queer relationships with no intention of actually confirming those. … So seeing a male character genuinely hit on another male character was unexpected.”

And in a much shorter comment, another Redditor brought up the title character from the British comedy Fleabag: “It’s very casually revealed that she’s bi.”

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There are far more examples, of course. Stranger Things fans who were rooting for Robin and Steve to get together in Season 3 got thrown for a loop when Robin revealed she was less interested in him and more interested in how he picks up chicks.

Then there’s Dave in Glee, the teen whose homophobia belied his closeted homosexuality until the show’s second season.

And lately, movies, TV shows, and games have been asserting their characters’ placement on the Kinsey scale much more casually. The TV show Titans, for example, revealed Mercy’s queerness by showing her in a car with her wife and kids. Similarly, the pilot Tracer is revealed to have a girlfriend back home in the game Overwatch. And Disney recently made headlines by giving LeFou an “exclusively gay moment” at the end of the movie Beauty and the Beast.

Which “unexpected gay” from film, TV, and gaming surprised you, dear Queerty reader? Let us know in the comments below.

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