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Being Gay Is a Choice: Video Game Producers Made It So

Thanks to the burgeoning category of role-playing games, married heterosexual fathers of twins can live out the life they always dreamed of in Sims 3. That, or kick ass and take names in Bully. Video gaming is so totally about choice this minute, y’all!

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  • Alexander A.

    Thanks to Fallout 2, I’ve been gay-married since I was 15. Sure, he’s a bit clingy, and his dad didn’t approve, but he carries all of my things, and if he gets to uppity, I can always sell him into slavery for a hefty profit.

  • TommyOC

    @Alexander A.: Best. Comment. Evar.

  • Truth B. Told

    If you want your characters in Dragon Age to be anatomically correct (you know, with a peen or a jaja) then go to Dragon Age Nexus. All files are free to download. Most (if not all) of the modification files are made by some very truly talented modders.

    You don’t have to log in to download regular modification files, but you do (no fee or anything or id crap – just create a log in, like Queerty asks) and you can access the adult mod section (just a perfunctory condition so kids don’t get the mods – like they can’t just log in and say their 18yrs old, but I guess its a legal precaution).

    Anyway, check it out:

    The File is…
    Natural Bodies all in one

    Dragon Age Mods for Players » Models and Textures

  • Jimmi

    Actually, since The Sims 1, you could be a gay couple and adopt a baby!

  • jeffree

    Thanks to everyone who posted ideas & links! We need more threads like this where we share suggestions & dont resort to name calling.

    I’m not even a gamer, but this is so good to see !

  • Forget the Umbrella-It's Raining Men!

    Cool clip of Dragon Age characters (nothing we haven’t seen here on Queerty in the “Morning Goods” department). They have peens, but no peens are visible in this shot. The mod is called Theseus Muscular Male – available on the Internet at Nexus gamers community board and other places.[img][/img]

  • AxelDC

    Bryan is so cute!

  • fredo777

    love my big Sims 3 family.

    i haven’t played in a bit, but i’ll get back into it @ some point.

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