Bel Ami Models’ Lawsuit Against Cruise Company Dismissed

A lawsuit filed by gay-porn company Bel Ami against gay-cruise charter RSVP Vacations has been dismissed by a federal judge in Los Angeles.

Back in June, nearly a dozen Bel Ami porn stars were hired by RSVP to “mix and mingle” with passengers on a gay cruise through the Mediterranean.

Bel Ami maintains it was assured it could film the performers frolicking non-sexually around the ship for a proposed documentary.

But rumors started circling before the boat even left port and, when the boys attracted too much attention, Bel Ami claims RSVP kicked them off the Nieuw Amsterdam and stranded them in gay-unfriendly Tunisia.

Bel Ami and the models filed suit against RSVP and Holland America cruise line for breach of contract, fraud, intentional interference with contract, negligence, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

But RSVP maintains the porn posse left voluntarily because they were denied “professional” filming rights:

“… contrary to Plaintiffs’ contention, RSVP did not enter into any oral or written agreements with Plaintiffs … other than the Reservation Request Forms signed by each of the individual Plaintiffs … Before the cruise, RSVP merely communicated to Plaintiffs filming restrictions that would be applicable to any passengers on the cruise.

“Moreover, RSVP did not “force” the BAOL models and employees off the cruise ship at any time. Instead, once the cruise began, it became evident that Plaintiffs were violating applicable passenger Terms and Conditions by engaging in professional, staged photography and videotaping on the ship, and RSVP then asked Plaintiffs to stop. When Plaintiffs persisted in their professional photography and videotaping despite repeated requests by RSVP to stop, RSVP had further discussions with Plaintiffs.

In one of those discussions, Plaintiffs Rudko Benko and Lukas Gombik stated that Plaintiffs were considering voluntarily leaving the cruise ship. RSVP then gave Plaintiffs a choice to either: a) turn over their camera equipment for the duration of the cruise and remain on the cruise ship; or b) leave the cruise ship at a convenient time. The choice was Plaintiffs’ to make.”

RSVP maintains it even warned Bel Ami against disembarking in Tunisia, and instead suggested they wait until the next port of call, the more amenable Palermo, Italy.

Regardless of whose version of this racy Rashomon is  true, the court tossed the case because of a lack of jurisdiction:

“Plaintiffs, all of whom are citizens of a foreign state, have sued Holland America, a Dutch company, and RSVP, LLC, a California limited liability company. Plaintiffs allege breach of contract and tort claims arising out of a Mediterranean cruise.

“It is well-established that there is no diversity jurisdiction where there are foreign entities on both sides of an action, without presence of citizens of a state on both sides …

This isn’t the first trouble RSVP has faced in the Middle East: Earlier this year, a planned excursion to Morocco was surreptitiously canceled.


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  • Dakotahgeo

    Not to worry, Holland America Lines!!! You will never be my cruise company and I will give you plenty of ‘advertising’ when my friends ask me who to sail with! Sorry for you!

  • QJ201

    Meanwhile a search on RSVP on xtube and other homemade porn sites generates hundreds of hits.

  • Guillermo3

    As with almost everything else,for both Bel-Ami and RSVP it’s
    ALL about:$$$$$.

  • TrekBear

    If Holland America or RSVP had confined the models to their cabin for the duration of the cruise, there wouldn’t have been this lawsuit. If the models continued their behavior after confinement, then they should have been put off the ship, but in a European port. It’s especially egregious that the guys would disembarked in Tunisia.

    The cruise line and travel company certainly have the right to ensure that any one person or group doesn’t interfere with the other passengers’ enjoyment of the cruise.

  • Spike

    @Dakotahgeo: As if you have ever been on a Holland America cruise. BTW, dumbass, RSVP charters the entire ship, Holland America had nothing to do with the decision. Clearly they intended to film their boys on deck then edit it into a cruise themed video, only problem, I doubt the RSVP passengers would be none to happy to show up in the back ground of such a video. Clearly it was never approved and Bel Ami just just showed up with filming equipment assuming that once on board, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

  • Rockery


    Tell us how you really feel

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Spike: OOOOoooo, Baby! LOLOL… you sound like a gaybot… get outa that skirt and go wash dishes, silly girl! Lolol. Mehhhh!!!

  • andy_d

    @Dakotahgeo: Spike is stating facts. Just like Republicans, you are ignoring facts. HAL is one of the Gay-friendliest lines on which I have sailed. They (like other lines, nowadays) have both hosted and non-hosted GLBT get togethers. If HAL were so anti-gay, do you think they would charter their ships to companies like RSVP. Get your head out of the sand (or is it your ass?) and take a look around.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @andy_d: And your pointless point is???? My comment stands!

  • Spike

    @Dakotahgeo: Put a lot of thought into your reply I see. Fried your brain just a little bit tweaking into the early morning hours. No worries, continue on believing that you could some how afford a HAL cruise. LOLOL. Mehhhh!!!

  • Spike

    @andy_d: Don’t be so hard on Dakotahgeo, he’s just one of those angry gays that want to boycott everyone and anyone that he perceives to be anti-gay, and facts, are N/A in his angry little pea brain. It’s always about him. And always will be.

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Spike: Why… why… thank you, Spike. Coming from you, that’s a real compliment! Having done a fair amount of traveling in Europe (England, Spain, France, Belgium, Romania, Germany) and South America (Chile, Brazil- 6 months teaching English, Asuncion, Paraguay- teaching English), Argentina), I haven’t had the time to take a cruise YET, but I do listen to well-traveled tourists, and I’ve learned a lot from them, AND saved a bundle of money in the process. You might want to comment less, listen more, and put that knowledge to good use. Kudos! :-)

  • Spike

    @Dakotahgeo: Bless your heart, really teaching English, seriously? And I bet you can say with a str8t face that all those circuit parties you have been to, you haven’t done a single party favor. BTW, going to a circuit party isn’t exactly travel, but no reason for you to believe otherwise. Kinda tragic your need to list of the countries you claim to have visited. But if it makes you feel better.

    And please, do comment more, listen less, and keep wasting that knowledge, here, incessantly replying on Queerty, where everyone really really cares what you think. Really.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Sorry you’re not impressed. My comments stand. I don’t need to impress anyone. You’re simply cheap entertainment. (Smiles)

  • Guillermo3

    @Spike: ,@Dakotahgeo: Spike and Dakotahgeo:How about turning down the snark?You girls are silly!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Guillermo3: I agree totally, Guillermo. I appreciate calm conversation like most other people. But with my life’s experience, I just can’t help enjoying the opposition’s verbal antics at times. Mea culpa. D!

  • Toro666

    I recently read an interview in DNA Magazine about Bel Ami from the producer/owner talking about the models. When asked if the models were ‘gay’ the guy said that, no they are not gay. If anything they are flexi-sexual -read, NOT GAY-. It’s kinda ironic that they are now trying to use the gay card to try and show how much trouble they were in. Well, they are in gay unfriendly Tunisia, this should NOT worry the Bel Ami boys, they are NOT GAY after all. I’m sure their flexi-sexuality can protect them from any bind in that part of the world. They are, after all, NOT GAY. It’s actually pretty crass how opportunistic these people are. When it suits them they piggy-back on Queer struggles. When it’s time to actually own up to it, and say “Yeah, I’m a gay guy who loves to have sex with men on cam” no, no, I’m actually just paid to be gay. So, now there’s no money involved. They can go back to their regular flexi-sexual ways.

  • Spike

    @Toro666: Excellent point, and given Bel Ami boys are typically all eastern European, it’s not as though they dropped a bunch of Sean Cody twinks from San Diego off in Tunisia. One would think that these guys would have the survival skills to find there way home, which is not all too far AND avoid the temptation of doing one last fuck scene in the streets or Tunisia.

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