Belarussian Officials Successfully Shut Down Threat to Heterosexual Pride

Depending on who you ask, this weekend’s Belarussian pride march — taking place in defiance of officials refusing organizers a permit — went poorly either because “police tore away the flags” and signs that the gays has spent so much time decorating, or because from the sidelines it looked like the police were reacting to a terrorist threat and not 20 or so homos.

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  • Kieran

    I don’t know who the young man clutching the gay emblem is, but take a good look at his face. That’s what COURAGE looks like.

  • richardporter

    My heart goes out to them. I hope they are eventually successful in their campaign. I cried when I say the young man’s picture.

  • SaintCahier

    I have seen the videos. It was a very sobering reminder about our status on most of the world.

    Just a few years, just a generation ago, this was happening in Western Europe, in the States. I hope that they will conquer the freedom we enjoy can enjoy in handful of places — but I shudder of thinking they price many brave, anonymous heros will pay in the process.

  • Ervs

    Why isn’t our president asking where these gay people are now and what has happened to them? He sure seems to be able to talk to leaders about abuse of women and other minority groups… When does he speak for our people in Belarus?

  • Rob Moore

    @Ervs: Are you serious? He got money and a lot of votes from us for the election, which is what he wanted. He is like the guy who says “I love you” simply because he wants the girl to unlock her knees for him or the guy who gets you to go home with him but can’t remember your name or get you out the door fast enough.

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