Belgian Man Discovers Wife Is Transgender After 19 Years Of Marriage

A Belgian man is leaving his wife of 19 years after discovering she’s transgender.

According to the Daily Mail, 64-year-old “Jan” of Antwerp had no clue his spouse had been born male and underwent gender reassignment surgery before they met in 1993.

A cousin from the wife’s Indonesian homeland only spilled the beans recently.

The couple met when she was working as an au-pair to Jan’s s niece and nephew. “My second marriage was on the rocks at the time and we quickly fell in love,” Jan recalls.
Though he says he feels like he’s been “violated for almost 20 years,” Jan seems to retained some affection for his ex: “She was always a good mother to my children, and also a fantastic cook—though she wasn’t that great at cleaning and ironing.”

The trouble started a few years ago when Jan caught her looking at pictures on men on the Internet and going out late on her own. “She would wear tiny tops that revealed a lot of flesh and had more than 100 pairs of shoes.”

Sounds like an okay kind of woman to us.

Photos: Craig Wyzik