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Belmont University Excuses Itself For Ousting Lesbian Soccer Coach Lisa Howe: She Didn’t Meet ‘High Moral Standards’

Officials at Belmont University, the Nashvielle Christian college that won’t let students form a gay group, is excusing the ousting of lesbian women’s soccer coach Lisa Howe, who told players about her partner getting pregnant, thusly: It’s what Jesus would’ve wanted.

“We do adhere to our values as Christ-centered, and we don’t want to make apologies for that,” says board of trustees chairman Marty Dickens (pictured). “We expect people to commit themselves to high moral and ethical standards within a Christian context. That includes members of the board, faculty and administration.” Students aren’t so thrilled.

Dorian McQuaid, a Belmont sophomore, said the school has insisted in the past that gay students are welcome. “As a queer student, I am afraid to be at Belmont right now,” McQuaid said.

Erica Carter, one of Howe’s former players, said she was hurt and confused by the decision. “This changes my perception of Belmont as a Christian university that could accept everyone,” Carter said.

The lesson to be learned: Sometimes soccer isn’t about winning, teamwork, sportsmanship, athleticism, or camaraderie. It’s about a heterosexual leading the team.

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