Below-The-Waist MTFs Are Now ‘Type 3 Men’ According To Thailand’s Military

Thailand’s military has drafted some new terminology to refer to the country’s trans population, which are not required to serve. Men who physically appear as men will be referred to as “Type 1”; men who have had breast implants will be “Type 2”; and fully gender reassigned MTFs will be “Type 3.” These folks remain exempt from conscription because of their “psychological abnormality,” but if there is ever a shortage of Type 1s, Type 2s will be called in “despite their female-like breasts.” The changes take effect April 2, when military’s annual conscription takes place, calling up some 97,280 men.

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  • Mark


  • Jeffree

    Like in many developing nations, joining the military in Thailand is one of the few paths to social mobility for the lower classes. Although Thai culture is generally accepting of Trans people, the military is still male-dominated, excluding both cis-gender and trans women.

    Thailand is also a popular spot for people from the West to get SRS because the physicians are, from what I’ve heard, very competent and the còsts are a fraction of what they are here.

    How do I know this stuff? I saw a documentary, (or was it on the radio?).

  • Holy Shit!

    Ugh. “Psychological Abnormality” ?

  • Riker

    @Holy Shit!: Are you telling me that a disconnect between biological sex and desired sex is normal? There isn’t anything wrong with it per se, but it is certainly an abnormality that is psychological in nature.

    In a perfectly normal individual, what’s in the pants aligns with what’s in the psyche.

  • Actually...

    Actually, transgender people were branded as ‘psychologically abnormal’. The new law changes ‘psychologically abnormal’ to type 2/type 3, to make it more politically correct. I’m Thai.

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