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Ben “AbStacker” Handsaker Is Mate Of The Month

teamm8-Mate-of-the-month-Ben-Abstacker7-1 10.26.32 AMBen Handsaker is a true Herculean story. He went from zero to hero, by changing his unfit body and lifestyle into something to rival. Since 2007, this inspirational guy has been hard at work transforming his body and life into something to be proud of. A recent winner at Musclemania Australia, Ben was also recently named teamm8’s “Mate Of The Month,” for November! He adopted the nickname, “AbStacker,” and checking out his photos below, you see why that great name was bestowed on him.

teamm8-Mate-of-the-month-Ben-Abstacker8 teamm8-Mate-of-the-month-Ben-Abstacker5 10.26.32 AM teamm8-Mate-of-the-month-Ben-Abstacker6 8.34.24 AMFor more information, go to The Underwear Expert.

Photo credit: Teamm8/Scott Ehler