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Ben Affleck’s & Neil Patrick Harris’ Penises Go Online While Ricky Martin Inspires Plastic Surgery


A guy in Argentina is so enamored with Ricky Martin that he’s had numerous surgeries to look more like him. We completely understand.


If you blinked and missed Ben Affleck‘s impressive penis in the hit drama Gone Girl, here it is in all its NSFW gif-ic glory.  And while we’re at it go ahead and take a look at what Neil Patrick Harris is packing here.

Steve Carrell and Jimmy Fallon are just a couple of ragtime gals who want some “Sexual Healing.”

Alaska Thunderfuck proves once again that she’s tough as nails.

Stephen Sondheim is probably the only person alive with the balls to tell Meryl Streep not to fuck something up, which he did with her recording of “She’ll Be Back” for Into the Woods. We think she followed his advice just fine.

Sorry J.Lo, you’ve officially been out-twerked by Julian Serrano. Boom!

We haven’t checked in with James Franco for what seems like hours days weeks, so here’s the multi-hyphenate entertainer lip-synching to “Like a Virgin.” What can’t he do? (h/t: Boy Culture)


American Horror Story: Freak Show‘s Finn Wittrock is the scariest/hottest guy on TV and he’s not afraid of nude scenes.


Having trouble shopping for that maudlin gay on your list? How about a hand-knitted Morrissey doll?