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Ben & Dave Are On A Quest To Find Gay Animals

Broadcasting live from their Equality California happy hour in San Francisco, Ben & Dave were accosted by actual real life fans. Like, in the flesh! And they loved it. But the real reason to tune into this week’s podcast is their chat with The Fabulous Beekman Boys‘s Josh and Brent, who reveal the question you’ve been dying to know: Do they have any gay goats?

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The boys also recorded this little National Coming Out Day clip, calling for you to tell ’em why being #GayIsAwesome. Because Twitter is gay, and thus awesome?

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  • RomanHans

    Cam, years ago National Geographic wrote in an article about some animal that sometimes the males are seen attempting sex with other males. They explained it all away, saying the animals were overwrought or confused. Naturally I wrote and asked exactly how one knew what animals were trying to do but I never got a reply.

  • Robert

    Some of the most well-known scientists, including Richard Dawkins who deals primarily with evolutionary biology, and even Steve Irwin, have talked openly about the evidence of homosexuality as it is expressed in the natural world. The only teacher in my high school that allowed me to talk about homosexuality was my Sciences Major teacher, who helped me with an extensive report on homosexuality in primates. He had a PhD.

    As a scientist myself(close to getting my PhD in biology and ecology, with my other focus being on evolution & wildlife zoology), my main reason for getting into science was to better understand myself. I was tired of the ‘sin’ talk of my peers.

    Unless your paying attention, there’s a war going on. Science illuminates the darkness, and explains the mysterious. This is of course a threat to religion, which simply provides organized answers with no evidence. Whether it’s explaining our human origins, the reality of climate change or homosexuality in animals, we run into a lot of opposition, especially in America.
    Evolution is critical to our understanding our place in this world and the cosmos in general. But it meets political agendas and protests all over. Now what do you think would happen if science teachers showed video of animals engaging in sexual acts of mating or pleasure of any kind? It’s not just the religious, but so many people in general wish to remain in the dark. They don’t want the truth, because they’ve been given a pre-packaged box of bullshit, and it says otherwise.

    I remember giving that speech/report in high school, and I swear not a single person wanted to believe me. I was labeled a ‘radical’. I was given stares that lasted the school year.

    There are certain priorities in the scientific community, such as Stem Cells, that come before others. Nothing I can do about that.

    When I someone say being gay isn’t natural, I just laugh.

  • Cassandra


    You do realize that there is no shortage of people in the sciences who use science to foster homophobia. Generally, they work in the psychology, but I’ve arguments derived from biology and behavioral sciences as well.

    People who have a prejudice tend to use whatever is at hand to make their prejudice appear reasonable – so homophobes have used religion, science, politics, economic theories and various philosophies to candy-coat their prejudice.

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