Ben & Jerry’s Releases New Flavor, “Apple-y Ever After,” In Support of UK Marriage Equality

With the debate for marriage equality taking place in England’s Parliament this month, Ben & Jerry’s UK arm has renamed their Apple Pie “flavour” as “Apple-y Ever After.”

It echoes their celebration of Vermont’s passage of gay marriage in 2009 with the “rebranding” of Chubby Hubby as “Hubby Hubby.”

Now, this is definitely a praiseworthy endeavor in some respects, but we wonder if they could throw some money back to the gay community, since they’re sort of profiting off “the cause.”

Their language says their goal is to “raise awareness about the importance of marriage equality,” but nowhere does it say they’ll donate to pro-LGBT groups.

Maybe that’s a political/legal thing—it might not look so great if Ben & Jerry’s was essentially paying lobbyists to beseech members of Parliament to support the cause. But, if there are legal impediments toward supporting a political cause, at least throw some of the proceeds towards an unimpeachable charity like the Ali Forney Center, which houses homeless youth in NYC. Surely London has some appropriate analogue.

Ben & Jerry’s does happened to be owned by Unilever, a massive company that might have to put gags on political donations for certain reasons. But MAC Cosmetics is owned by the massive Estee Lauder, and they manage to sponsor a Viva Glam campaign that gives 100% of its proceeds to AIDS charity work.

The Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, the company’s charitable arm, mostly sponsors fair-labor organizations. So where’s the Worker’s Rights-branded Vanilla Ice Cream?