Benching Toward Perfection Is Anything But

190span.jpgThe New York Times is trying to get into podcasting–we think that’s what you’d call it, as there’s not other explanation for what you’d call their “audio slideshow” feature. While they’re obviously reaching out to the iPod generation, this reminds us of when a group of aging executives sit around a room and try to think up ways to “reach the young people,” yet they never quite get it.

With this article, we’d like to congratulate the Times, the single most well-respected and influential newspaper in the US, for stooping to an all-time low of pointlessness while displaying a disappointing inability to adjust to present trends. As if they need to. Just print your newspapers, folks, and leave the newfangled toys to the kids.

No offense to the guy featured. He seems very nice.

Click here, and then click on “Audio Slide Show: Benching Toward Perfection”