BenDeLaCreme presents “Capitol Hill”

If you’re looking for a new addiction, we’ve got you covered! BenDeLaCreme has been hosting the YouTube short film series “Capitol Hill”, which has even been featured by the Huffington Post.

Here’s what the channel’s About section says about the series:

[quote]From the award-winning writer/filmmaker Wes Hurley comes an original web-series “Capitol Hill”. A queer homage to 1970’s-80s TV shows like “Dynasty” and “Remington Steele” with a pinch of “Twin Peaks”, “Capitol Hill” is a dark comedy starring international boylesque sensation Waxie Moon.

Young, innocent and gorgeous Roses Smell (Waxie Moon) follows her dreams to Seattle, the greatest, most beautiful city in the world, where she makes new friends and becomes a TV show host on the ground-breaking program “Women in the Workplace”. But while good luck follows Roses everywhere she goes, so does her sinister Portland-Oregon past. Will this all-American country girl find a happy ending in the big city or will the terrible secrets of Portland catch up to her once and for all? Watch “Capitol Hill” Season 1 to find out.”[/quote]

At less 10 minutes each, each episode has the perfect amount of witty comedy, 80s porn star mustaches and fashion, and cliff-hanger endings!

Currently there are three episodes available, so binge watch them below and then subscribe to Capital Hill on YouTubeFacebook and Twitter.

Episode One:

Episode Two:

Episode Three: