BenDeLaCreme Presents 'Capitol Hill' Wraps its First Season

BenDeLaCreme Presents Capitol Hill Featured Image Waxie Moon
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The first season of BenDeLaCreme Presents ‘Capitol Hill’ has wrapped its first season with a sad and hilarious ending that is sure to leave viewers itching to see more!

The 10-episode web series debuted on March 3rd, shortly after the debut of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6, and has kept us laughing since. From the series’ bearded “female” main character Roses Smell (pictured above) and it’s 80s-inspired fashions to its demonic plot twists and sarcastic anti-gay rhetoric (how’s that of an oxymoron?), the entire series is a must-watch for Dragaholics everywhere!

The storyline follows the character of Roses Smell, played by Waxie Moon, as she ventures from her home town of Portland to “the greatest, most beautiful city in the world,” Seattle. After some initial bad luck, Roses eventually lands a job as a TV show host on a “ground-breaking program” called ‘Women in the Workplace.’ The story takes many hilarious twists and turns throughout the season, but we won’t spoil those for you.

Drag Race royalty, BenDeLaCreme, opens each episode with a hilarious recap of the previous episode from her “house” in Seattle (or is it Idaho?). Be sure to pay close attention to the book she is “reading” in each of her introductions for a bit of extra humor.

Watch the entire first season below, and don’t forget to follow Capitol Hill on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to get updates about the premier of season 2!

WARNING: You may experience uncontrollable smiling, laughter and/or sexual arousal while watching this series. You have been warned.

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