BenDeLaCreme Reveals Her Real Boy Name in "Ask DeLa" Episode 3

Nobody on the Internet seems to know BenDeLaCreme’s boy drag name, but she has finally revealed it in the latest episode of her web series “Ask Dela”. In the video, she answers the most pressing questions she has received “from all you quizative little nuggets out there,” including how she came up with her drag name, why she goes by “DeLa” instead of Ben, and more!

The more we watch these videos, the more we fall in love with BenDeLaCreme and her “terminally delightful” personally. Check out the third episode below, as well as episode two and one.

If you have a question that you would like to ask DeLa, you can submit them on here website.

Ask DeLa Episode 3

Ask DeLa Episode 2

Ask DeLa Episode 1