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Benedictine University Admits Its Problem With Laine Tadlock Was Telling Anyone She’s a Lesbian

Responding to a flow of criticism after firing education director Laine Tadlock for publishing her own lesbian wedding announcement, Benedictine University in Illinois says it did exactly what its Catholic teachings prescribe. And it’d do it again, dammit.

“Benedictine University, as its equal opportunity policy states, does not discriminate on the basis of any legally protected group or status, including sexual orientation,” the university says in a statement. “It was not Tadlock’s orientation, but rather the public disregard for fundamental Catholic beliefs, which was the basis of the University’s decisions.”

Tadlock, who was out to coworkers, was not fired for being a lesbian. She was fired for being a lesbian in public. Got it: So long as she was willing to be marginalized and keep her identity a secret, Jesus didn’t have a problem.

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  • Hyhybt

    Watch this comment area fill with a hundred idiotic posts baselessly blaming this on Christianity in general.

  • AdamA

    HA–that interpretation of their statement is NOT going to hold up. They’ll have to change it or reinstate her, and I suspect they’ll eventually do the former and claim they were “forced” to.

    @Hyhybt: Not due to Christianity in general–due to ignorance in general, with which Christianity associates itself more than Jesus would have liked, I’m sure!

  • the crustybastard

    TO: Intrinsically Disordered Benedictine University Employees
    FROM: God, via the management
    RE: Nondiscrimination policy clarification

    You can be gay, just not “too” gay. We’ll decide how gay is “too” gay on an ad hoc basis that we will share with you on your pink slip.

    Let’s not forget we used to just incinerate you freaks, so we’d caution you not to push your luck.

    Also, don’t forget how much we love you degenerates.

  • stan James

    the church of adolph hitler still not excommunicated

    the church of the german pope who in 2009 UNexcommunicated a bishop williamson who is a holocaust denier

    Well at least they didn’t Burn her at the stake, as they did to God knows a million or maybe 5 million women during the middle ages.

    BTW, homophobia is just an extension of machoism and the supremacy of men over women. And the fear that gay couples where one or both bottom are essentially becoming women, and hence hurting the femaleophobia in which they believe.

    YOu can get a very exact reading on how any denomination treats gays by how it allows women to function in the church heirarchy.

    the catholic church with its separate but equal (anything but) policy for women is an example.

    Same for the Episcopal church which when the call came from the conservatives to leave over Bishop robinsons ordination, the first dioscese to go was the Pittsburg dioscese – the only one that doesn’t ordain women.

    Same re the crazies of the orthodox and ultra orthodox Jewes, While eg in their progressive community, the head of the interfaith coucil for southern CA is a Jewish Lesbian Rabbi.

    And I believe the evangelicals are identical – women- keep them barefoot and pregnant and in the kithen. Hey – we don’t have slaves any more so……..

  • stan James

    Real summary on the right wing male dominated macho churches –

    Love is hated and their hate is called love. and i suspect a variation of this is how they still justify hiding the endless molestation of children from time immemorial.

    While they used the protect the children argument to win in CA and ME.

    If there was a god, the volcano would have gone off under the vatican a 1000 years ago.

  • DeJerion Jefferson

    God Bless, Benedictine University!

    I applaud your right to be who you are and not let others force you into their mold!

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