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Benedictine University Admits Its Problem With Laine Tadlock Was Telling Anyone She’s a Lesbian

Responding to a flow of criticism after firing education director Laine Tadlock for publishing her own lesbian wedding announcement, Benedictine University in Illinois says it did exactly what its Catholic teachings prescribe. And it’d do it again, dammit.

“Benedictine University, as its equal opportunity policy states, does not discriminate on the basis of any legally protected group or status, including sexual orientation,” the university says in a statement. “It was not Tadlock’s orientation, but rather the public disregard for fundamental Catholic beliefs, which was the basis of the University’s decisions.”

Tadlock, who was out to coworkers, was not fired for being a lesbian. She was fired for being a lesbian in public. Got it: So long as she was willing to be marginalized and keep her identity a secret, Jesus didn’t have a problem.