Benetton Pulls Ad Of Pope Kissing Muslim Imam Because It’s “Unacceptable”

Yesterday, Italian clothing company United Colors of Benetton unveiled a scintillating ad campaign featuring a bunch of world leaders lip-locked in gay kisses. Grand Master Pope Benny 16 didn’t like the poster of him getting lippy with Egyptian imam Mohamed Ahmed el-Tayeb (above) and so The Vatican released a statement calling the image “absolutely unacceptable” and a “manipulated and exploited… publicity campaign… [that] shows a grave lack of respect for the pope, an offence to the feelings of believers.”

Ummm… perhaps Pappi Ratzi missed Benetton’s 1991 AIDS Jesus ad showing David Kirby in a pieta-like scene.

Anyway, Benetton pulled the ad and said, “[we’re] sorry that the use of the image had so hurt the sensibilities of the faithful… [the campaign] was solely to battle the culture of hate in all its forms.” We assume that includes the Catholic form.