Benham Brothers Claim Baseball Tickets Are The Remedy To Homosexuality

Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 11.30.56 AMLike a sudden festering outbreak of genital warts, the Benham brothers are rearing their matching heads again.

While speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Nashville last week, the twin homophobes claimed that they healed an unruly gay man of his homosexual desires… by offering him tickets to a Cubs game.

“We had so many people from the gay community reaching out to us and one man in particular from the city of Chicago reached out,” David Benham said during a panel discussion about religious liberty. “He said things to me that made me lose my appetite. But I simply responded in love.”

“After a little conversation back and forth, I found out he loved baseball … and I got him tickets to a Cubs game,” Benham continued. “He shot me a Facebook post and said, ‘I was not expecting that — and I’ve been thinking a lot about this. I’ve chosen to walk away from my lifestyle.’”

Isn’t that great?

The crowd certainly thought so. They responded by applauding the twins, who then proceeded to blabber on about religious freedom and their fear that so many Americans have begun to “slowly turn our back on God,” which is why it is up to them to bravely stand up and defend the Christian faith.

“Love filled our heart,” Benham said. “We had absolutely no hatred.”

Except when it comes to gay people.

“The right to speak freely means jack squat if we don’t have the courage to speak boldly!” Jason Benham added.

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