Benham Brothers Don’t Want To Live In “Bizarro World” Where Christians Can’t Discriminate Against Gays


Like a festering case of genital herpes, the antigay Benham Brothers are back.

Last Friday, the twinsies joined other antigay activists in North Carolina calling on Gov. Pat McCrory to schedule a special session of the state legislature to nullify a nondiscrimination ordinance that was recently passed by the Charlotte City Council.

The twins feel the nondiscrimination ordinance is a direct attack on Christianity.

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“We sure hope the governor and General Assembly will do what is right,” David Benham told a crowd on Friday afternoon, adding that he doesn’t want to live in a “bizarro world” where Christians can’t legally discriminate against LGBTQ people.

The ordinance is set to go into effect April 1 unless McCrory steps in.

A special session would cost taxpayers an estimated $42,000 a day and could result in all local nondiscrimination ordinances across the state of North Carolina being nullified.

“Mark our words,” the failed reality TV star continued, “if this goes through, my company and others will be targeted!”

Gov. McCrory has called for action against the ordinance but has also indicated that he does not want to hold a special session over the matter.

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h/t: New Civil Rights Movement