Terrible twos

Benham Brothers talk about trying it out “both ways” in bed to “see which you prefer”

In a new interview with the Chrisitan Post, the Benham Brothers are warning millennials against the “darkness” looming over society and urging them not to bend to the “cultural winds” of sexual perversion sweeping over our great nation.

“When we look at the cultural context, darkness is looming on the global scene, and the pace is incredibly fast,” David Benham says. “Two years ago, we weren’t dealing with the gender issues we’re dealing with now.”

“The gender unicorn is teaching kids to ask two questions: ‘Who do you go to bed with? And ‘Who do you go to bed as?'”

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He continues, “That’s sexual orientation and gender identity. If you don’t know who you go to bed with, then try it out both ways and see which you prefer. This is the nonsense that’s getting pushed aggressively.”

Florists and bakers and photographers are being “forced to participate in the gay pride marches and gay weddings,” David adds.

“The re-definition of gender and boys and girls is still being pushed on our kids!”

Oh, but it doesn’t stop there.

The twinsies go on to say that America has become truly obsessed with political correctness, which is why it’s up to millennials to “resist all agendas with courage.”

“Don’t believe the lies,” David implores. “The winds are going to shift and change. What they’re arguing and screaming about today is going to be different tomorrow.”

And just remember, he adds, “if you’re over the target, you’re gonna take some bullets.”

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