Blows Lid Off Of Anonymity

Benicio del Toro Helps Gay Friend In Need

Benicio del Toro’s one good amigo. The 21 Grams and Fear and Loathing actor recently accompanied a strung out pal to a narcotics anonymous meeting at the Gay Men’s Health Center here in New York.

A “source” tells Page Six that del Toro popped in last Friday to help a meth-addicted chum. When it came his turn to talk, del Toro stood and proclaimed:

Hi, my name is Benicio. I am not an addict, and I am not gay. I am here to support my friend.

Benicio is a sponsor to a guy who looks a little bit like Patricia Arquette. They met when Benicio was doing research for his druggie role in ‘Things We Lost in the Fire’ and kept in touch. Benicio is now his sponsor. But it’s weird because usually sponsors are people who have been through the 12 steps and can coach you through them, not some guy who’s just famous. But I guess it’s sweet.

That’s just swell. Too bad del Toro and his friend are going to have to find a new place for their no-longer secret meetings.